How to be green and not die trying…


Being green seems to be a matter of following a “fashion trend”, it becomes a question of status and good quality of life, however it will not become sustainable if there is not a truly revolution. Its about changing cultural codes and believe that small gestures would lead to big transformative stages on the achievement of the Global Green Goals. As this picture: a small plant struggling to survive against a grey wall on the dawn of a new era that demands new codes of behavior.

Sustainability its about individual options and your purchases –even the simplest one- are part of it. A green purchasing supposes not only a contribution for a better environmental quality but an individual and collective strength that build resilience in the medium term. We must be aware of the power of individual action and their impact on the planet. There is only …”the now”….*

 If we were not able to change culture codes from bottom up initiatives -mainly at individual level- it would be very difficult to reach a system change. Citizens are influencers by their vote and actions and is for these reasons that also law could be changed when their citizens doesn’t see a framework that responses to their needs. Traditional and authoritarian political systems tend to keep a status quo that doesn’t allow new perspectives generating instability and sense of distance with the population. This is a very important burden on political terms that impacts the road towards the achievement of Green Global Goals.

Is it true, only through individual action, without a national political strategy on sustainability is very difficult to achieve results, although is it from changing traditions, purchases and focus on Education that a green goal may be achieved.

Global Goals particularly on green aspects create and idea of a “bunch of rules” and a sense of “waiting” for resolutions that ban harmful activities for the environment and almost immediately delivers safety. The process must be tangible  and active as is  precisely from the change of citizens demands that the political system changes. The influence of the public sector is unavoidable, although does not have to be the only root for achieving Green Goals. Changes happen when citizens decide to do so, even if there are “invited”, “ advised” or “imposed”. A society that only moves through political institutions is not a proper Welfare State but citizens that have loosen their capacity of initiative and action. In most of societies there is not enough interaction citizens-political system to really trust that sustainable goals would be achieved.

Accountability from political leaders relies more on a matter of personal criteria and their own partisan priorities than a common goal on sustainability and joint action with other political parties towards a green goal. Its important to highlight that, as a difference to other grounds, the Global Goals are not backing any ideology but its about common interests, even if the political system is left or right wing it can easily find coincidences. All the aspects related to green goals: cities, infrastructure, responsible consumption, etc. can be implemented within any ideological framework, which makes individual initiatives coming from active citizens a must for becoming GREEN.

A change of the system towards GREEN is not part of an abstract project lead by no accountable political leaders or/and Global Goals of non-binding character, but of a truly commitment that get its best through a change of demands and traditions from their citizens.

Both the public and private sector should be innovative representatives of a new generation of adaptive citizens and healthy machinery to boost new habits, but when it fails -as the case of the first one- citizens must adopt an active attitude towards change.

Leading the path towards Green goals means fighting against a no responsive political system by changing individual habits and demanding different and innovative solutions. When the political systems become no accountable and ineffective to prioritise goals its time for individuals to take the lead and enter into a sustainable road……..not just trying.


* Do you have a “green purchasing” mind?


* The Green Axis of SDGs

 *Green community action: the need for innovation take the risk!

 *Change of the system: a cultural matter




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