The Green axis of SDGs

GG4SDGs (1)

3 Good health and well-being

6 Clean water and Sanitation

7 Affordable and clean energy

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11 Sustainable cities and communities

12 Responsible consumption and production

13 Climate action

14 Life below water

15 Life on land

9 out of 17 SDGs are related to Green issues or to a Green framework of living that exposure the need for a new focus for the entire system not just on specific areas. Indeed, when we explore the rest of the goals: 1.No poverty, 2 Zero hunger, 4 Quality Education, 5 Gender Equality, 8 Decent work and economic growth, 10 Reduced inequalities, 16 Peace, Justice and strong institutions and 17 Partnerships, we see that they represent the solid framework that allows the pursue of those goals “exclusively” Green.

The priorities are clear and a sustainable world comes from a GREEN AXIS of power. It supposes a new way of living in which all the goals are at the service of this axis. Quality Education is the best example that illustrates that for achieving SDG´s effectively we need awareness of how to become resilient by reforming current structures.

Building a “Green bubble” is an essential structure for all the goals with the paramount complicity of Innovation, that is not just part of SDG9 -for industry and infrastructure- but part of a wider project in which the entire system revolves around. Is in conjunction with Education that becomes achievable. In addition, SDG17 Partnerships helps to boost a network on Green development for the 17 goals.

In fact, goals as Education + Innovation + Partnerships represent the most important pillars for holding a Green short and long-term strategy.

It was not until now, with the Agenda 2030, that there was a real global acknowledgment of introducing Green in all areas. A Green focus not as part of a public strategy, product, service, not as a responsibility for the private sector as with CSR but an in-depth focus on sustainability as a cross-cutting issue.

So now, the vision is different and definitely more demanding as it supposes a complete change of the system, but, is the system prepare for such a radical change? Are we prepared to ban coal, plastics, etc. without an alternative plan of how to build new industries and new jobs?.

The same thoughts and hesitation come to mind with Artificial Intelligence as we move fast towards a goal within a complete state of uncertainty. Not knowing exactly which are the consequences and the steps that we must take to get into effective results.

 Legal framework, political will and the conviction from the citizens is a condition sine qua non for achieving the goals, however not enough for re-building a new world under new rules. Is in this sense that innovation comes also as a way to create new horizons of business models and the capacity to make the transition the less traumatic and euphoric as possible.

Lego is a good example of how and no sustainable industry could reconvert itself with awareness, innovation and good will in line with SDG´s focus. Although is it clear that regulation seems to be one of the most important frameworks that boost transformation and change.

 The Green Axis of SDGs is represented by the axis of individual action through changing habits and general rules of current chaotic and unsustainable “global game of living”. It´s possible!

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