Change of the system: a cultural matter


These pictures have been taken within 22 days and the change is dramatic -as well as the feeling- We are prepared for long-term changes and not for short-tem view of complete different landscapes, from the same stage. In a world in constant change to welcome the “new” is paramount to move forward through and adaptive vision and flexible attitude.

Is it for this main reason that a reform of the system will not be achieved if it is not by cultural means, that supposes an entire transformation on habits, behavioral codes, traditions and attitudes. Is it only when the people accept the need for a change and not just isolated solutions for specific situations that there would be able to move forward.

Repeatedly we heard that we must switch from a business as usual code to an innovative approach towards sustainability. It doesn’t seem a new idea, however it’s absolutely new from an holistic perspective and citizenship engagement. More than investment or political will we need an entire change of mentality. A change on individual consumption represents one of that pillars that could make business successful or just good intention from commitment businessman.

 Is it the market that sets up consumer’s behavior? Or it’s the consumers that change the market?

Responsible consumption is not possible without a market that accompanied this attitude, even a fully committed private sector is not enough either. We must boost also a “green marketing” and a communication strategy able to turn consumers into key parts of sustainable machinery. Not only recipients but also actors, owners of the process.

Building “a green bigotry”? Maybe…. but is definitely better than a calm relaxing attitude that give up all responsibility to the public sector. For an in-depth change of the system -in which sustainable consumption is one of its main pillars- we must rely on the power of individual action through the potential of social media.

We are running out of time and being face to face with a no responsive system demands the urgent empowerment of citizens at all levels. This is also a misconception of the role of the citizenship that totally depend on the system without get the attitude and the feeling that a committed and diverse people could gather towards a real system reform; with the “complicity” of the private sector and with holistic approaches that involves the entire system and not only the political sector.

This is part of the complexity of crises that a global world is facing and cannot be resolved with unilateral, public and top-down initiatives. This is the momentum for solid bottom up strategies that comes from the own roots of the society: citizens.

Recovering the true meaning of democracy and transforming public structures without losing sense of global, transparency and accountability. This kind of initiative have already been done but not as a bottom up initiatives from the citizens but from top-down private interests that influence politics and get direct benefits from a global system. It is important to move the center of power and action from élites to an open debate able to democratize the societies.

It’s a culture matter, as we still rely on the public sector as the big accountable system that will deliver solutions in the short term. Global humanitarian crisis is one of the examples that exposure the fact that under current standards the system is not working.

The impact of corruption and a weak leadership is claiming for changes at global level but not under current model of globalisation. This is the “tricky” aspect that is destroying the best model of resilience ever created. Global action in itself is an asset for humanity and a tool for resilience that have change cultural patrons for good. Not the standardization -that leads to ignorance and lack of sensibility-, the negative influential role of the private sector or a biased marketization of the political class, that are definitely not part of a global “package” at the service of citizen´s interests. Here we find the pillar in which the system should change: transparent and accountable processes demanded from Educated and active citizens. Under a new and innovative cultural patron.

Let´s change…at least from our minds!

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