Are you a Changemaker?


Nasutamanus by Daniel Firman 

What represents a truly changemaker? An activist leader? An advocacy leader? An isolationist from a no empowered position within a framework of global institutional and leadership crisis?

The dynamics of current uncertain world demands change, and change comes from individual attitude and action, is it only through personal awareness that resilient change would eventually find their way in our societies. Even without a determinate strategy, individuals hold the power of being citizens with the capacity to choose their leaders and delegate on them their actions. Is for this reason that meditate and debate about individual action´s power becomes crucial to get into tangible results. The determination from biased leaders to confuse citizens using an exaggerated political marketization is what leads to results as Brexit. Latest surveys reported a complete change of mind from voters of “Leave”. Which means that citizens have been leading to wrong conclusions, if not there would be consistent with their vote.

Change comes from the very own roots of individual action that transforms good intentions into truly global transformations. In current framework of global institutional and leadership crisis, to be a changemaker become a huge challenge, although the most demanding challenge is to get rid of the sense of “no empowerment” and capacity to influence positively towards the SDG´s.

The only way to make the “big transformation” is by creating a new system through innovative bottom-up initiatives. Is on this aspect that Donald Trump is correct, we must change current global order however, not with the resources and methods suggested by the US President. Indeed, globalization has become a system that works under rules and leadership from actors/institutons that are not contributing to stability, therefore they has not become sustainable.

Chain crises mainly generated by armed conflicts with a constant violation of Human Rights, IHL, lack of transparency and accountability from the political sector and a disempowered global institutional structure (UN, humanitarian, etc.) makes the system collapses. Even if the global institutional framework is failing on their responsibility for preventing and controlling this crises ´process its worthy enough to continue building trust and confidence on the people, not so their leaders or /and rules of the game. Paradoxically an institutional reshape is it just to go back to the “raison d’être”. 

We really need a new global order in which the steady citizen engagement makes a new world within innovative rules by changing style of leadership (more inclusive and representative) and reshaping institutions.

If we just imagine for a second a global institution as United Nations under a new global order not dominated by the “big giants” within the Security Council but to a balanced distribution of power, we could really make change possible…. and real.

Are you a changemaker citizen? Or you just exercise your rights without awareness of your power? A global digital world allows for being a digital changemaker and makes the difference by spreading the message faster and effective. Much more than just an activist but a truly advocate leader. Here relies the difference; advocacy is a matter of a continuous work for in-depth reforms, not only an activism activity that leads to changes for specific places and time slot.

As the sculpture, to be a changemaker supposes see the world with a different perspective and sense of “what should be”. The axis of power is not the same and the citizenship is the only one to decide in which direction is going through, without any kind of pressures or undemocratic attempts to prevent it, (including political marketization and no accountable/ transparent political processes). Inclusive and open dialogue citizens-Government structures- new leaders is the “new blood” for a truly changemaker citizenship.


*Sculpture: “Nasutamanus” by Daniel Firman


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