Seeing the world behind a window? The wrong individualism


Opening the door to new horizons that get you out from the darkness of traditions and preconceived ideas. An innovative mind always takes risks. New thoughts are the only way to reshape the shadow of a traditional system without the burden of a misconception of individualism. Unfortunately this is what is driven the world into crisis: a selfish individualism in which each citizen search for their own survival. An extreme danger for the needed and urgent global joint action and for achieving results on global resilience.

Individualism is much more than just the capacity for taking personal decisions by their own but to be able to influence society in a positive and profitable way for all

 The “good individualism” tends to make of individual action a power and not just have some influence in the political sector as an institution -and leaders- out of their own control.

The own concept of advocating for citizen´s rights it has been transformed into an attitude of rebellion under the assumption that there are submitting to a tyrannical system that doesn’t fit with a real and fulfill democratic system. Indeed, we do not need to go back to a direct democracy structure to realize the important role of the citizens on the political decision-making process. We get too much used to an excess marketization of politics and politicians and we get to wrong solutions that doesn’t deliver a way-out from crises.

Democracy is the correct and strict representation of citizen’s interests that could only be delivered by strong processes of accountability and transparency. When it fails, especially at personal level, is when we face an attitude of “grey activism” against the own leaders and institutions that we contribute to create on a legal basis.

We cannot be tied up to a static legal framework and /or institutions and leaders that do not deliver solutions or show empathy to citizenship´s needs.

Is it for this reason that we must change an attitude of “fighting against the system” towards a “feeling and performing” as part of it. This change substantially the positioning of the citizens: from main observers to main actors towards a political system that takes decisions without a correct accountability and in the worst cases without transparency.

Seeing politics as behind a window is a truly and disappointed feeling of most of the citizens for a mistaken sense of what means a Government. We do not need to apply libertarian concepts for a correct implementation of democratic principles. However, is it true that under current standards there is a normal trend in favor of individualism as a way to disarticulate an inoperative State.

The tacit concession from citizens that comes naturally in any democratic process do not supposes the ubiquity of a power* over others as the current role that plays the financial power over the public interest. As a result an anti-democratic mechanism works under a legal framework but without the correct balance, including the power of individuals as decision makers.

The correct management of a State supposes a guarantee that individuals could be protected from abuses, however, currently there are not even safe from their own leaders. Indeed the decision-making process can not being an independent, isolated process from leaders but a strict reflection of citizens will.

When the reality its much more enigmatic than your own ideas means that you must rediscover a new road of living…open the door!


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