The power of social media..just a click!

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Social media means an active and interactive communication among citizens of all over the world. The “good globalization” that allows organizations and individuals to express their opinions freely and with the capacity to spread a message and learn from others. However, more and more uncertainty of a world in crisis demands another role from the Internet users. A more pro-active attitude is needed for building a new world resilient to current collapse of institutions and leaders.

Our “new” reality is based on a no responsive system in which stagnated organisations and leaders are forcing the citizenship to adopt a renovated role. Moving from indifference -or and excess of confidence on the public sector-, towards a full commitment to an active engagement with each national and global crisis.

Despite the extraordinary freedom that social media delivers, -mainly by maximizing the power of the principle of freedom of speech – is it necessary to establish clear ethical rules that, without undermining its potential, it assures a safe platform.

Respect to diversity is one of the big values to address and should be part of a solid legal protection framework and a strict rule to follow with or without a binding instrument, but part of a naturally ethical behavior.

Fair information, irresponsible information (not proven, not tested, and not presented as just another opinion) should be considered fraud and submitted to sanctions. Indeed, fake information really distorting the essence of this powerful tool at the service of change. That anyone could bring,- what seems to be- “relevant information” to the platform without being tested, is the real burden for success and a lose of a great opportunity.

Ethical rules for Internet users represents a must and should be implemented by strong sanctions that determinates if that organization/individual should be part or not of the virtual community.

Personal opinions are not just that in “social media terms”, are also part of a responsible commitment with a global community and a global project. Awareness of this responsibility is what leads to change not the irresponsible flux of hate comments and disinformation.

Social-media platform is meant to be an opportunity to change in the sense that citizens and organizations from the civil society could take the lead and fulfill the gap left by global institutions and leaders. Global crises are also a consequence of this failure coming from a citizenship not enough empowered and a social media platform as a tool that is not being used in the correct way, that is: maximising its potential by giving more power to individual action on a joint-action basis. Just a click could make the difference.

The power of social media is the transforming virtue of making a global change with fair and responsible contributions of the people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Taking diversity to extremes…






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