Critical thinkers or thinkers, that criticise? 

That is indeed the question and conclusion, is it about intelligence, skills, and talent or is it just about massive Media leading the path? People have stopped thinking and Media is leading the “natural” critical thinking process that boosts debate. The answer is not easy, especially in the last two decades for whom Social Media has printed with the idea that everyone has a place and an opportunity to have a say. However, the capacity to be critical is usually associated with critics rather than true reflection and a boost of intellectual production. Is not necessary about the Education system but of a global system that tends to become imperative instead of inclusive, authoritarian instead of democratic, elitist in the essence, and open on the surface, centralized in its action within the shape of full decentralization. a whole confusion that cancels any attempt to make a debate serious, deep, and open to create, yes! to build new concepts and ideas that deliver solutions instead of giving the solution before the debate.

In 2020, according to the WEF”* the top skills were:

1st).complex problem solving, 

2d) critical thinking  

3d) creativity 

Is it true, that it was during pandemics, but is it also a sign that critical thinking becomes key during crises. Not precisely in an exceptional situation such as COVID, but as a pattern for a world for whom crises represent the “new normal”. In the third place we find creativity that for adults is only boosted by a strong personality or when it comes after a critical thinking process. Making individual action and their initiatives a powerful tool towards the building of a new world differently than traditional ones as in the past: authoritarian institutions and a education based on rules rather than on the maximization of each inner power. Is it so that Social Media and Media becomes also powerful in terms of perception of the power of debate and intellectual construction and not “given solutions” that in the end -no matter if there is a confrontation or not- seem to go to the same foreseeable ends. True critical thinking supposes a different conclusion than the elements presented in the beginning and that is the precious gift of reflecting and “working” together towards stability. Is not enough to shape ideas around perceptions instead of deep intellectual exercise. 

“When navigating through the difference between perception and intellect by Aristotle is that we realize how much of the first one is driven the society by Media and Social Media. Is indeed about perceiving reality although without understanding”. 

In the light of the current war crisis, it becomes evident that there is no reflection at all about the root causes of the conflict, or even the search to negotiate and conciliate postions. There is no determination to learn, reflect and get solutions, but to be “against” one or other sides, instead of just being “against war” To erase one side and not to erase the root causes of the conflict . This is clear massive Media manipulation that deliberately is driven the society into confrontation rather than peace. Even when it would be over the wave of Zero intellectual production and demands for analysis would prevent us to go deeper into the real meaning of this conflict as well as finding long-term solutions. 

“Empathy curiosity, and open-minded is vital in critical thinking” says Jonathan Haber in this Book “The Juice”* addressing a key aspect that is missing in most of the Media world. Empathy is a driver to change and a tool to boost critical thinking. Empathy searches for answers without accepting “facts” but interpretations, and analysis with the aim towards a deep comprehension, not just the indifferent -sometimes euphorically- attitude that looks like empathy, but in the end, it turns into a big balloon that explodes in the short term without leaving a trace of commitment to the truth. Its lack of open-minded people enough tolerant to accept that the “truth” is not Media ownership but a collective production. 

Disruptive critical thinking means the true revolution for a world that needs critical thinking as the inspiring tool to find solutions. A true gift towards sustainability: applying Socrates´ method: asking questions as a way to demand accountability.

“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance”

“There’s only one good knowledge and one evil ignorance”

Just critical thinking…..




**Book Jonathan Haber “The Juice”

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