Dismantling myths on Ukraine-Russia “fabricated war” . Time for EU Army, not OTAN expansion

No justification for war, although many reasons, facts and threats to analyse. There is indeed a complex scenario that goes from Russia ambition to regain power beyond neoliberalism, and USA historical need to take over Europe, through OTAN, and finally defeat Russia. Ukraine is a clear example of those countries that steadily has been funded by USA to boost their national power towards their own interests. 

 How much has the world changed since World War II? 

Technology, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence seems to deliver the answer, however in terms of political agenda, and disproportionate will for a centred power remains exactly the same as after the pseudo stability post II World War.  There is still only few changes done towards global stability and only few lessons learned from those devastating times. An alarming hidden far-right extremist agenda leads the path behind many armed conflicts around the world. In fact, the similarities among one and the other confirm that there is an old long agenda within few updates. 

Ukraine erupts as a different conflict than originally was. Donbass was the real motivation for Russia and not the whole Nation. if we go back to 2014 suggest that extreme nationalism (planeaba inquietantemente) over  (ver articulo neonazis. The Soviet Union “nostalgia”, the independence of Donbass claiming by their own citizens -as happened with Crimea-  and Ukrainian extremist far right nationalists groups shape the escenario of a “fabricated war”in Ukraine and a clear provocation to Russia.The same happened in Crimea* and the ilegal referendum give us the clue: 97% of voters have supported joining Russia.

Once again Pres. Putin stressed that “ Kiev government had failed  to curb rampant violence by ultra nationalists” . Is to highlight that this referendum comes after pro Russian forces took control of Crimea one month before. Even if the procedure was considered illegal, as well as the occupation by Russia there was a clear separatist interest from both sides (Russia and Crimea citizens). Its perfectly aligned with the current situation in Ukraine, however now, a situation out of control by the use of high technology, especially from Ukraine side. The way they are fighting back shows a very specific strategy used by American forces (and groups supported by USA) rather than the resistance of civil population – as presented in the Media- that if so, they will simply not being able to defend themselves. Despite all tragedies, in terms of numbers, are Russian forces the one that have losen more. An indicator that they are not fighting they way the Media is presenting. 

Surprisingly -or not- the same method has been applied in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria in relation to the role of far rights groups and the “common enemy” that

After 11th September WTC attacks, the US took leadership on what called “war on terror” however, later we have evidence coming from their own that they have funded and trained “terrorism”, making of the ignominious fight on “terror” simply a Zero sum game for the rest of the world. However within a favourable Media and an international community totally give up in the shocking images of the explosion.

In 2003 the US has invaded Iraq because of the WMD stockpiles, however they were none. The whole international community support the message on: “freedom” “democracy” and “liberal values however the were no reason for an invasion but for an international control over a dictatorship. Times passes and we realise that we cannot trust in all is said in the Media especially when they are not enough transparency. The idea of USA as “police of the world” is not helping to gain safety and global peace, besides the lack of accountability makes them less reliable than others Nations and institutions particularly the European Union.

The intentions from Russia to recover Former Soviet Union countries is foreseeable somehow logical. Not just because of a political agenda but for the own demands from Russian citizens and the threat of neo nazis that do not want them in. Besides, that Russians citizens are against war does not mean that are against an agenda of annexation of countries that they feel they belong to them. Their political culture suggests that the citizenship is not concern about “more democratic” mechanisms but an almost authoritarian leadership that delivers safety and union. Is for this reason that all contradictory news coming from Russia are settled through the analysis of their political indiosincracy.

The strong, steady and determined investment from USA to civil society organisations as GOLOS -that have received 80% of their funding from USAID- leaves us many questions about the real intentions of USA with Russia, the eternal enemy that -before now- did not allow them to have full monopoly at the global level. Including the European Union that from the very beginning realise the need for a European Union army. Instead is NATO the one that is gaining power and for whom USA is its their main donor. 

As said by Hillary Clinton some time ago* : “Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union.

They invaded Afghanistan… and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work… and it was President Reagan in partnership with Congress led by Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea…

Let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistan military and let’s go recruit these mujahedin And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.

And guess what … they (Soviets) retreated … they lost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union” 

Indeed that what happened and is the modus-operandi from decades, Ukraine is not different, and they are doing the same as before: making Russia loss billions, building “Russiaphobia” , and drive them to collapse financially within the help from the European Union and the perspective of OTAN expansion in the near future. 

The war in Ukraine is only part of a status quo created by USA-Russia struggle for power. Funding and providing arms for Ukraine is not only unnecessary but a provocation that do not contribute to peace but to the continuity of an agenda to defeat Russia. In this case not by funding extremists Islamic but neonazis, within the same pattern. Is not surprising that Ukraine is the only country in the world with a neonazi military unit: Azov.* “Foreign fighters have been recruited in large numbers and are trained by the neo-Nazis. Estimates place the numbers at 20,000”  

Before the war, Ukraine holds an alarming internal hidden violence: neonazis groups well organised and with a clear agenda: against LGTB community,Russians, pro Russians, activists  and in general vulnerable groups. However, gradually “the militias have been formally integrated into Ukraine’s armed forces, but some have resisted full integration: Azov, for example, that runs its own children’s training camp”. They are part of “municipal guard” to patrol the streets by militia run guard forces.

Is precisely the strong leadership from neonazis in Ukraine that is preventing Israel to supply arms although they committed to humanitarian aid and the real purpose for all: end war not necessarily the collapse of Russia, that looks more about American interests 

A clear agenda that has nothing to do with peace building or /and “helping” Russian population, but to create needs that apparently are not considered that for the local people. An agenda that find their purposes in OTAN expansion that block any possibility to build resilience within Europe. Is not a coincidence that once the debate about European army starts also a new expansions wave from OTAN emerged. More members in the European Union supposes more interests from USA as the case of Ukraine

Ukraine war is definitely a Russia´s war against USA and they are losing the war precisely because of American military technology, Media, sanctions and fake news.

As highlighted in the New Yorker*: “If there were no NATO expansion and no EU expansion, and Ukraine just became a liberal democracy and friendly with the US and the West more generally, it could probably get away with that”*

The use of cluster munitions by Ukraine on its own territory to retake eastern town Husarivka shows that there is more than one agenda, is not just defensive but a hard neonazi strategy widely used in different parts of the world and on the past wars in Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. Cluster munitions are universally banned by 120 countries that signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions although not Russia or Ukraine. 

 A country as Ukraine secretly relevant for many interests that makes them powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This war delivers exactly what they need: enough insecurity to take over and find -finally- good argumentations to expand OTAN instead of establishing a counterbalance system European Union- USA- Russia. Building confrontation from the very beginning,  with funds to Russian civil society and then neo nazis groups in the former Soviet Union countries- clearly within an anti Russian agenda is what really matters at time to analyse the “how” of Russia invasion and at the same time the failure on achieving the goal of a fast operation.

Bleeding the country is what is not in Russia agenda but USA one, that supports this process by delivering high-technology military armament and full Media coverage. 

Although as presented daily on the Media is civilians that are fighting back the brutal attack from Russia. Just to see numbers, the Ukraine defences are wining the war and Russia is having terrible losses that do not match with an attack to a “vulnerable” country.

Demonising Pres. Putin will not lead us to the roots causes of this war and the eventuality of more in the near future. The best way to fight back American hidden agenda and Russia unlimited ambitious to keep Former Soviet Union countries with them is by reinforcing European Union and not American interests in Europe. They are clear contradictions and when we analyse the idiosyncrasy of American society and their steady agenda on military power (shortly will be Africa (Ethiopia and the region) is easy to see that they are not aligned with a green agenda, humanitarian purposes or peace values. 

If we are honest enough to research and look from a historical context of steady confrontation USA- Russia without biases accepting the facts, as well as determined to end this war within global impact we were definitely make history. 

Time for Europe to mediate in the conflict, not to take position of a very old confrontation that has gained new partners (European Union and USA) and renewed popularity from an obscure show from Social Media and Media. 

Being against war is not a matter of silent or boycotting but to dialogue, negotiation and listen to all positions without hysteria and true senses to get into stability and a global power based on counterbalance power. 

No justification for war but definitely an avoidable one that has their root causes on OTAN expansion. More than ever we must be aware of the need to build European values, principles and defences around Europe and not USA. An ally as USA is needed but is not a reasonable expectation that will share the same agenda. After this war there is time to reflect and act on the built of a European Army instead of OTAN power. Collaborations are not the same as partnerships, different approaches, values and goals are key to make of OTAN one more agreement and not power centred for the entire region.  

If Brexit times were not the correct timing to even mention the European Army, now when USA shows their true colours of OTAN expansion and power is that Europe must flourish by strengthening their structures and reboot the essence of the Union. 



*2014 https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2014/09/23/remarks-president-clinton-global-initiative








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