PODCAST: European Union reforms through a citizenship perspective

On this podcast, we continue elaborating our ideas about an in-depth European Union reshape from the intellectual difference between Brussels power and the European Union as an axis of power in itself. Most of the time when we are referring to the EU we see it as a group of Nations “submitted” to a centralised structure instead of a Union of citizens within their own traditions and cultures that search for resilience through joint action, and diverse and creative leadership. A bureaucratic and centralised structure is not building resilience except for their own internal survival but not for the rescue of European Union philosophy. If the goal is to get into an even closer union is it key to make citizens influencers rather than observers. Is it so that the different crises that hit Europe make them vulnerable especially after pandemics…therefore, not reliable. For an even closer union, we need to be even closer to the citizens not from a left-wing perspective but from citizens centered strategy that decentralised power and close the gap Nations- citizens-Brussels. 

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