2021: a new panoptical for a new world. Climbing new mountains…

Like a cloudy line on the horizon, a “natural” way to look at the pandemic, looking at negativity and obstacles without losing a shiny landscape of possibilities and new adventures 

Like panoptical COVID19 looks and influences all aspects of our life making the center of our daily activities and medium-term goals. A whole system that risks losing important challenges as climate change just for not being able to focus on a multi -dimensional perspective to project ourselves towards the near future. Even from a positive message is quite impossible not to debate, analyze, and study out from an overwhelming reality. A new normal that is driving us into a new model of living and a new agenda with new priorities, including the search for people that put solidarity and generous exchange in the first place. Re-focusing the global agenda not just seeing the crisis as a panoptical to the rest but an opportunity that allow new shapes of resilience that makes us stronger on a multi-approach focus. A true filter for the near future that teaches us how to look at all pillars of society from new colors. Indeed, the planet is showing us its true colors and a path to follow. Different than before but with the same resources: their people,that its why many global organizations are claiming for human-centered actions. Although, is perceived as a romantic way to approach crises instead of a new dimension that changes the current panoptical: from pandemic to a resilient population. Mitigation becomes the center instead of the built on resilience through adaptation to new realities.

The capacity to change is the real force and still, despite all tragedies – institutional efforts are driven in the wrong direction: a vertical relationship even harder with more financial support but the same pattern However, the answer relies on the multiple approaches and diversity of people within a new role that makes institutions less hierarchical and people more influencers on the decision making processes. Lessons learned from the pandemic teach us how to grow through the integration of different initiatives and philosophies, sharing leadership, and not allow a multi-dimensional approach only through a unique authority. 

It is in terms of pandemics as a panoptical that we realize the need to observe all around us from the same idea of circular perspective without losing any apparent detail, serve as a model of how changes at the global level should be made. The harmonious combination of people and institutions rather than only the latest is a key pillar. Is it time to change the concentration of power and redistribute it differently not on ideological terms, but on a results-driven strategy within the philosophy of the SDGs ¨leaving no one behind¨ by reshaping institutions and the mentality of the citizens. Having Global Goals as the main framework supposes a change in institutions and political leadership. If not, is it almost the same agenda with the same resources that just added the challenge of climate change and a specific emphasis on partnerships. Moving into sustainability demands better and more than that: changemakers. Actors take their responsibility with conviction by changing themselves and push to change the current traditions. United Nations or the European Union are some of those structures that showed commitment to the SDGs, although without making changes internally. Goodwill is not enough, reforms are needed to make a new flexible system, therefore responsive to this and many crises to come.

More mountains to climb from new paths…

2021: the challenge of multi-dimensional approaches on resilience. A new mindset…

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