PODCAST: Feminism its not about ideologies


I recently delivered this presentation for the Geneva Peace Forum at the United Nations. I addressed the own concept of feminism: a pure essence of what means the defense of women’s nature beyond political ideologies. the use of feminism as a tool for political campaigns represents a true “cannibalization of the brand feminism” and demands action to rescue them from the wrong leadership. Creativity in the search for reshaping and reinforcing the role of women around the world should come from their own actors and not from political parties that are mere representatives.

The pandemic exposure that during crises the role of the citizenship becomes key to make resilient changes and gender equality is not an exception. Equality as a cosmopolitan tool to boost a sustainable world based on diversity, the colourful scenario to take the best from all and not that homogenous and grey equality that precisely because their steady confrontation only benefits politics partisan interests. The search for common interests and goals for women-men is not only a goal to get into equality but to get into balance relations that boost sustainability in societies.Feminism is not an ideology, if you wish, is a religion to be taken with passion, values, and codes that allow the development of tolerance and generosity to place each one in the correct place. Create of feminism as an ideological issue it’s outrageous and must be condemned. Rescuing the very essence of feminism is giving more power to civil society and all those movements that tend to build bridges on solidarity and connection, making social media and networking the pillar to move forward.

The global organisation Women Economic Forum leading by Dr. Harbeen Arora  that I represent as Goodwill Ambassador focus precisely on the idea that global women networking empowering women and creates a transformative dimension of new feminism that uplifting all members of the society equally. 

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