PODCAST: Happy new year..not, happy new mindset!

The calendar is telling us that it’s a new year, but there is just a transition that is not allowing us to change the facts but certainly, our mindset. Uncertainty is the rule and our year really began when the lockdown started. Is time to learn, not to make a wrap-up, even if we are anxious to it we died a little bit each time that we are not able to adapt ourselves to the new and live the present time with much ambition rather than learning every day instead of desperately waiting to overcome COVID19 and all the rest of the crises.

The resistance to change is the weakness to look for solutions. Is it when we rely on the State and political leaders, instead of our own judgment and options. It is precisely what many people have lost: the capacity of the search for solutions creative and demanding as true influencers. Political leaders are lost as well as us because an unknown crisis supposes uncertainty for the near future. is it so, that the combination of institutions and citizens on equal power become key to make a change.

 It is for all the above that I would like to wish you not a traditional happy new year …. a happy new mindset! . 

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