PODCAST: Homeschooling & global values (Track 2)


On this track, we explore the power of connecting, listening as an exercise of learning from each other , a Homeschooling for adults with a special emphasis on the current COVID19 crisis. Homeschooling is it much more than just one more option for the Education system but a whole opportunity to open our minds towards the new and to the needed change that the world is claiming for. Homeschooling for adults is a way to training our minds to become a true axis of influence able to see the big picture through a global model.

SDG 4 “Quality Education” shows us the way to build a global standardisation in good terms: scholarships, teachers, methods, access, to create synergies that improve conditions for all. Is it imperative to move from “think global, act locally” towards “live global adapted to local needs -traditions, religion, etc.-” in which Education represents that milestone to reshape and look at the big picture instead of being attached to traditional standards of living. Homeschooling for adults is what will open minds towards a resilient homeschooling for kids

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