PODCAST : homeschooling: if it is not now, when?

Welcome to my 1st #podcast: and finally, I did it, not without fear but accepting the challenge by entering into the new within will for learning and sense of innovation, it always starts from our own. So please take it with generosity and patience as its the 1st attempt!

Is with this question that I started my reflection on homeschooling as a flexible method, not just as a response in times of emergency but also as a way to face future crises and preparing new generations towards a world that is claiming for changes. Although not the changes that we are currently living that are based on fear and immediate action but those ones that search for a new system. 

A resilient world demands commitment from its citizens and a strong sense of individual responsibility. Not from a libertarian perspective of a total absent State but the engagement of a welfare State: delivering the framework of guarantees but at the same time relying on their citizens to take action at a personal level. Is it here where we can focus on homeschooling: as a method that applies to certain families and personal circumstances. 

Above all, an option that demands strict regulation from the State and commitment from parents and students. Is just that, one more option, different from a school-centered one but the perfect ally in times of crisis and in times of developing new skills. Is it so that it would be good to be considered as a method to use it in combination with the traditional focus and not be forced to choose one or the other. 

Homeschooling allows the perfect balance family and school, it also allows socialization, contrary to what is established that only the traditional school delivers the correct level of social relations among students. 

Currently, all the responsibility is charged on political leaders that overwhelmed by the devastating reality they are making decisions from traditional codes without challenging themselves to do more and different. Innovative approaches are precisely what we need in an unknown situation as is the only way to become resilient . Homeschooling is able to work on a two-fold basis: as prevention during COVID19 times and as a driver to change for new generations that will face the challenge of more crises, Artificial Intelligence, and an extremely sophisticated technology  

Options as homeschooling or/and school-centered represent the correct use of individual freedom that we need to face crises from a resilient perspective having the State as a leader of an action framework and not the only response to the pandemic.  

Creativity and innovation are the main drivers to change and the State has a responsibility to educate young and adults on their own sense of survival without relying too much on political leaders that, themselves are struggling to keep an unsustainable system…sustainable for the future.

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