A new America? or an old one within a new shape?

We always associate President Trump´s Administration as a new America mainly because of the campaign slogan of “Make America great again”, we keep the idea that is a complete brand new strategy centered on national policies and anti-global focus. However, even if it seems to be a big change, especially if we compare with Obama´s management or even with Bush´s times there is an underline strategy completely unchangeable. It is not about Political Parties, is not about left or right-wing, even if it looks like that in the Media: a violent confrontation within a complete loss of respect to each other, ethics and sense of State updated to the national and global crisis. My conclusion is that there is a steady feed of confrontation, meanwhile, the status quo remains hidden. It was not until the world witnessed the notorious failures in the Middle East war, like funding “rebels”, that the truth was unfolded: from an agenda on war to -literally- take over the region, a contradictory goal to the one that they praise: contribute to peace and boost democracy by assisting them on getting rid of dictatorships. After several decades the twofold message is only credible for American society, not for the rest of the world.

 More and more the information is becoming transparent and fluid communications are making the task of counterbalance power easier and in the hands of the citizens. Awareness of this truth is what legitimate local people demand a total withdrawal from American troops, not because they do not need it but because the goals turn to be different from what is supposed to be at the beginning. After 11th September all the world joint efforts with America and accept intervention in the Middle East, it was not since the devastation and unrestricted attacks to civilians that the world changes its minds and see on US a threat to global peace and not a powerful reliable partner. It was then that it was understood that it is not about global or not, but of America or not, and the world chooses other axes of power that fulfill new expectations towards resilience and not power per se to deliver solutions on climate change, racism, poverty, etc.

Reshaping globalization, ideas for a smarter future. Since 2015 it has been our definition of how to work for a better planet from our platform. I spent years on research, analysis, studying from different perspectives, always from what I consider the “de facto” pillar of the system: politics. I have doubts about the real power of an increasingly ineffective and complex system within weak models of leadership but is indeed a pillar even if the “real power” comes from external actors: different private interests and ideological or financially biased agendas. Is it through politics that all the system runs and must be urgently reshaped with or without a global model but certainly within international cooperation and dialogue. Nationalism would not have much influence if there were awareness of the global nature of crises and the need to work on joint action focus. Is it so that I am opened to new shapes of globalization and not precisely the current status quo that differs deeply from the original idea of connecting the world widely but also equally. Most of the results suppose a slow down on transparency and accountability, making a welfare State chaos rather than the solution, a no safety framework towards improving well being and delivering security standards based on sustainability.

The Sustainable Development Goals comes to exposure all those failures coming from only one root: no free political leadership. The pressure that the U.S. is exercising on destroying global structures exposure that there is an obscure agenda behind any changes –an even those that suppose that are making the difference- as there is enough evidence of the need to accept new challenges as COVID19, climate change or old conflicts that are claiming for innovative solutions (Middle East, Africa, etc.). There are no contradictions to international cooperation out of global organizations but there is, indeed harmful impact if there is a boycott towards the union of Nations.

In real terms, there is not much different from US to be out from UNESCO, more than a symbolic step towards the creation of a super military power above any accountability. It would be more logical to withdraw from NATO rather than UNESCO, preservation of historical patrimony does not mark a political agenda but a hidden one, not very clear on specific goals but certain on gaining power and get rid of a global balance.

Recently we have been witnessed the devastating advances of COVID19 in US and a surprising message of “letting go”: no use of masks, no social distancing, public gatherings, business activities, having as a consequence increasing numbers of deaths and record numbers of infected. Is it with great relief that we heard Vice President Pence encouraging the use of masks and once again the institutional message is not in coherence with other “forces” that are driving the population into chaos.

If the use of masks is becoming an issue, not the use of the word “freedom” as a magical word that fixes any gap: business, violence or personal success, although it does not seems the smart way to overcome crises of this magnitude and to get into sustainability –even at the national level-. A society extremely easily to be manipulated and with a sense of freedom based on what the Media or biased leaders told them, they are building an isolated and quite weird, small and vulnerable land to internal crises and extremely permeable to violence. 

It is not a secret, feeding aggression and confrontation is one of the strategically key for an “old American trend” that now with Pres. Trump looks like “new”, but is only the consolidation of years of stagnation and the fantasy idea that America and Americans are the land of the privileges instead of a not updated society, manipulated by lobbies and getting exposure all over the world because of private interests mixed irresponsible with public affairs.

The original project of creating a global superpower like an axis of influence has failed and the rest of the world and particularly China and Europe are working as a point of balance of all that gaps that America has left on the ambitious goal of becoming a superpower.

BRICS comes to exposure that a model of self-resilience and national development –somehow similar to US- must be focused on international cooperation to be effective. It is a different philosophical vision, for whom global stability comes from the boost of development and increasing levels of well-being in all countries.

Only by joint action and respect to national interests and cultures is when we can create stability and thrive by learning from each other. A good explanation of why American imperium is collapsing, not precisely because of the lack of resources but the lack of capacity to accept changes and move forward towards adaptation. Innovation on technology without innovation towards new approaches results in the power of elites that not even care about national interests. The health system illustrates perfectly how in America only one lobby group can conditionate the rest of the entire Nation without counterbalance mechanisms.

Recently the cruel death of George Floyd remains us of the need to be accurate on the claims as it is about to make better societies within more guarantees and not to create instability and fracture –what is also happening among the black community-. The presence of the KKK on the violent protests makes us strongly believe that there is a true agenda to feed violence and not to build peace.

Instead of a message on reforms of the police system or more power to the civil society there is an old revindication of black lives that forces the people to live, fight and fear as in times of Martin Luther King when there were no legal frameworks, a sign of biased interests not clean and straight forward claims on racism. After President Barack Obama comes to power it changes the approach from the black community and placed them in a completely different position in American society in which there is room for negotiation and dialogue, not destruction.

People are going back, literally, creating instability and violence, surprisingly is it one of a long list of events that every year US is going through. 1st with the Muslims and the 11th September, then the Russians and the elections, airstrikes to the civilian population in the Middle East, mass shootings, and now the black community is under threat so, more violence erupts.

Seems that there is always a reason for violence and a no resolved status quo in which a never end violence is the true agenda and not the capacity to learn and grow from conflicts. Is it so, that even if Mr. Pres. Donald Trump seems not very helpful in creating cohesion and a sustainable society connected globally, it is evident that there is a much more complex agenda rather than just a political one that is leading America into chaos – and shortly economical and financially-. 

Times of crisis, times of change. 

Reshaping America within a new model of globalization.

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