Searching for the rainbow within COVID19 storm

Driving on an isolated highway on a cloudy day and all of sudden: two rainbows! the power of conviction, the passion to trust of what is beyond the crisis. That is the secret to see two rainbows unexpectedly and for a few seconds. A glimpse of colors on a grey day, a colorful view of a boring sky. That is precisely the needed feeling during COVID19.

There is a weird idea of what means individual responsibility: a substitute for the lack of accountability from Corporations and Governments that leads us to a twofold interpretation: 1) a particular interest in getting rid of responsibility and make individuals agents of change instead of catalysers. 2d) individuals as a powerful tool to make a system change through bottom-up initiatives. For both positions is that I strongly believe that is a conflict of interest towards the development of individual responsibility as drivers of change that creates an aggressive reaction to those willing to keep a status quo that suits there particular interests.

On the contrary as it supposes we do need a system change precisely by a new attitude from citizens. The passive reaction from the victims confirms that there is fear for the new and for accepting a new role able to make true changes within a positive impact. Maybe a new concept of democracy, but certainly the essence of a democratic system ruled by the citizens rather than different axis of power out of transparency. Current demagogy makes of an influential citizenship an utopia, denying their own history that tell us that citizens are paramount to make changes and deliver guarantees towards their well-being. Which is much more than just acts of protest but a solid results-driven approach and internal processes that make of protests, a change and from spontaneous groups truly transparent and accountable shields from obscure interests. From time to time we do need revolutionary changes and it would be much better if we accept it instead of being caught by surprise by crises that are out of our control.

Climate change has been proven to be a threat for all and especially for those that have built their power precisely by a negative impact on the environment. Since CSR erupted in our lives we are demanding a different way of doing business within a commitment for the society, playing a role of contributor rather than just a beneficiary. However, it looks as if we still wait for a “magical” legal framework that is imposed on the private sector without much effort. Nothing further from reality. We indeed need a solid framework, strong at the national level within general global rules on transparency but also a powerful –maybe institutionalised- citizen´s synergy.

Climate change is just one of those crises that now with COVID19 remains us that the world must be ruled by new standards in which citizens become the axis of action not only business and public sector initiatives. It is of mutual interest, for the planet and for the own survival of the different sectors. As a difference from the past, is it almost impossible to see the conflict of interests, only different negative impacts. They are both victims, although in terms of action -if there is not from a full complementarity-, the citizenship is the one powerful enough to change the system and in the end, make of business and politics weak sectors.

Despite all efforts from Governments to fight back COVID19 the virus “moves” on its own without constraints and any action are uncertain as to the development of the virus in itself. However, we see that there is a grey political will to make the Government strategy an ideological focus. There are no signs that tell us that one ideological approach rather than the other one is better to tackle the crisis, but definitely, it leads us to conclude that the real crisis comes from the political system. It has become a true constraint to move forward, not one more agent of success. Is it precisely now, in this historical momentum of multiple emergencies, that we need to make a deep assessment of the different actors/institutions and see on individual action a tool for change not just campaigners’ action of goodwill. A go back to recover the authenticity of civil society and their transformative power, not a constant exercise of negotiation with Governments but within a sense of ownership that does not make of the public sector a representative of the interests of the majority. True recovery of the essence of Democracy.

The rainbow appears when your reflexes are opened to the new, no when you know the highway but rather when you let yourself get surprised by the new.

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