Social media, networking…don’t follow the pattern, leave your footprint

Its all about networking” we repeatedly heard. We cannot run a business, develop our careers or simply grow professionally without “connecting”, but how and when do we need to connect? or even more, do we need to connect massively in a worldwide perspective to “upgrade” ourselves? 

Do we need connections in a Social media sense that we are currently living? A mass media without accountability and networks that spread unreliable data are our pillars to connect. Even if it’s a simple conclusion we need to mention it: manipulation should not be part of Social media connections or at least, not part of the goal for a wider and interconnected community. There is one particularly harmful pattern: follow rather than influence, repeat not check out, comments not debate, followers not partners.

Is it so that we need to change the implementation, not the concept. Indeed, connecting it’s a way to relate with others and a powerful one in time of crisis, however, its useless if its just a requirement instead of a reliable network in which we exchange and trust on information that we receive within solid mechanisms of transparency and accountability.

 It is good to see that Facebook is taking measures against fake profiles and those that search to boost hate and violence. At the same time is it also risky that a private company is making decisions over what is “ethical” or not without a legal framework more than general rules on what we should expect or not.

If we believe in connections and network as the new trend in the last 20 years we need to establish rules that are stronger and reliable enough in legal and individual guarantees terms. This anarchy way is creating a world “connected” but also “manipulated” changing the concept of global into an elite. Using globalization on technology in the same way that has been used –better said misused- by corporations. However, its much more than that and we must see on Social media an opportunity, a real and reliable pillar as well as another more institution that shapes our actions.  It is a truly global institution in which we can debate and change. Currently, our only hope that unreliable political leaders, weak global institutions and fake unions can radically turn into a stable and resilient system.

Current political trends on isolationism make as make choices, sometimes within contradictory paths of full isolationism or full integration. However there is no such “isolationism” in a global world, there is no such “integration” when global tools as Social media are manipulated. So, our way-out is our footprint and demands towards a fair system of connection. Not exactly about activism but a solid joint action that makes a difference and influence positively into a more and better accountable and transparent system. Ethics is our goal, Social Media our best tool and the capacity to joint action -as citizens and voters- the best equipment to succeed. 

Don’t follow the pattern…leave your footprint. Towards a reliable Social media, profitable connections and ethical networking. Putting ethics into action. 

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