Beyond isolationism, fair international relations … never forget

We have recently seen with respect although deep concern the act in memorial of 9/11 victims by Mr. President Donald Trump. Is an essential ethical rule and political attitude to do so and paid honors to victims of violence and unjustified crimes. At the same time and sadly, since 11S it has turned to be the “best excuse” from American leaders to justify even more violence by feeding extremism – sometimes within financial support-.  They have submitted the entire Middle East into oppressive and vertical rules that, not only has not achieved any positive outcomes -in terms of international and regional stability and safety- but also, paradoxically, it has situated America as an international “enemy“ instead of a peacemaker. With the latest, I do not mean that extremists should not be prosecuted but without taking it as an opportunity to gain power in countries that have completely different cultures and religions and are dealing with their own national challenges. Certainly, American military presence adds more confrontation and contributes poorly to a common goal on global peace. (Please note, that America is not the only country hit by extremism but any country in the world is vulnerable to it)

NEVER FORGET: it´s also the way that the Middle East is responding to America and is not a healthy exercise of peacebuilding especially when it serves to justify violence. That´s why I deeply welcome Trump´s initiative towards a full withdrawal of the military because it has been one of the most embarrassing and harmful chapters in American history. Unfortunately, it will never be changed and has created deep fractures in terms of respect and admiration for America.

Most of the people think that Donald Trump is the direct and almost unique consequence of that loss of confidence but he has only put in action an ancient plan of “America first” in which leaders before Trump has implemented under the FAKE idea (within a fake Media) that they were building peace and global cohesion.

Just to reflect on…there were more airstrikes during Barack Obama Administration than with George Bush. They were more financial support to extremism in Latin America and Middle East during Clinton´s Administration than now.

Lets us go through some examples: from the most obvious with the inexistence weapons of mass destruction or Syria crisis is the model of this twofold message of “peacebuilding” from the particular view of America that I am referring to: who will pacifically accept a no democratic system? How´ll accept the tyrannical reality of a leader not elected from the people? But, its also the intervention for US that makes it worse and feed division in which only innocents are dying and suffering as well as some American soldiers (that although not civilians, they also enter into the category of innocents in terms of vulnerability) Indeed, convinced that their presence empowers and defend “American safety” they are not aware of the need to build peace from their own countries. America has become an unsafe country dangerous for their own population and mass shootings are only one of their signs. We all know that even if their presence has helped in specific situations as for military training or fighting dictatorial regimes it has not created any impact on Middle East stability and/or making America safer.

If it is true that the global community –including migration crisis, international agreements, and freedom of religion and culture- represent a threat for America to become “safe again”, it is also true that US military presence in Middle East it is a burden for Americans and the global security. Indeed, a coherent message based on “America First” doesn’t allow a so contradictory position in which isolationist policies coexists pacifically with an aggressive intervention focus based on air strikes, threats for invasion, strategic military bases, intervention in regional affairs as in Palestine-Israel conflict (moving US Embassy to Jerusalem) or removing foreign aid (Palestine). In fact, it has been part of the establishment of American politics for decades.

Isolationism is acceptable only if it’s a position faithful with their own goals and purposes, not a “profitable” position in which only America gains power by isolating and merging with the rest of the world from unfair international relations. There is and should be a strong commitment and responsibility to build global peace, even from a libertarian or/and isolationist focus. Is it time to look after global and higher goals on sustainability in international relations and argumentations as John Bolton that “the work must be finished in the Middle East” and ”negotiation is not a policy. It’s a technique. Its something you use when its to your advantage, and something that you don’t use when is not your advantage. “ must be erased and get into agreements from global institutions not arbitrary unilateral presence and influence.

Withdrawal from global institutions its an acceptable decision only if it follows by an alternative commitment on resilient international relations. Not an indiscriminate exercise of an intermittent isolationism/interventionism without legal framework, institutional support or just good Diplomacy.

It is great to see that there is political will to do so, as with North Korea but it is important to be more determined and put words into action. Iran is the next step that the US must show will for a change and build a new framework of international relations based on dialogue and negotiation, no arbitrary sanctions-in this case even without support from the European Union-.

NEVER FORGET its about American establishment in the Middle East that represents flagrant violations of IHL, the massive killing of civilians and a status quo based in constant division and a more and more politicized humanitarian aid.

If its time for a new era for America its also for the rest of the world in terms of innovative international relations and a new framework of Diplomacy and negotiation -in or out global institutions- and a guarantee that Human Rights, IHL and respect to national sovereignty are fully achieved.

Beyond isolationism, fair international relations, never forget…



* Withdrawal of US troops from Syria: the 1st –and only – truly act of anti-establishment from Trump

* US double standards: isolationist and interventionist

One thought on “Beyond isolationism, fair international relations … never forget

  1. The only global peace that can be achieved is an Ordered Peace and you and those that emote like you are against that.

    Step down or be put down! You have no place within the Kingdom and will have no place in Paradise.


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