Global change … is it all about Goodwill?

We have been honoured to become Goodwill Ambassador for the Women Economic Forum and its remarkable and ambitious goal of gathering 1 Million women of around the world by 2022. A clarion call from United Nations that WEF in the person of Global Chairperson Dr.Harbeen Arora has taken with energy and a results-driven approach. Leading with sense of inclusion and generosity has achieved the position of being among the 100 most reputable persons in the world.

As every Wednesday I am writing my article with a stronger sense of empowerment and strength thanks to this new challenge: Mission Million 2022. Now, I must be very careful to send an in-depth message on global joint action, resilient empowerment and sustainable change. Indeed, is it not a coincidence that I have always written about it and now, as an Ambassador I need to reinforce these principles from my own commitment and attitude, representing simply by  

“I BELIEVE”.Is the stronger way to do it: trust, confidence within goodwill . Is not easy to gather 1 million women, leaders and active citizens, but trust that its possible it’s a basic to feel confident that we can achieve a common goal within goodwill and intense work. Building together a platform in which we can share knowledge, information, expertise, having as our best tool: storytelling. The flag of our ship that will take as to new harbors of innovation and creativity to build solutions from our own needs as women and not coming from outside the “real actors”. Although we need to move towards an new shape of union and joint action beyond activism and traditional channels of exchanging. A truly exercise of global advocacy that only can be achieved by sharing and exchange on a systemic basis. Learning from others, not waiting for others.

A new leadership based in goodwill is needed not as now as a voluntary and in many cases inefficient acts from isolated individuals but a well-organized and resilient action. Unfortunately we get used to rely on political parties and their negative monopoly based on private interests and manipulative leaders that have made of democracy an autocracy out of control, but a results-driven goodwill that lead us into new paths –harbors- of a focused action.

This new leadership allows an extraordinary and maybe unknown power coming from citizens as the only drivers and active actors of their own destinies. A steady  exercise of global advocacy that can only thrive by being together not matter culture, race or religion but searching for higher principles.

Is it for the reasons above that we have selected part of our logo: Lorenzo Quinn magnificent sculpture “Mother Nature” that best describes the role of a new era for the planet. Taking the globe smoothly but firmly without pressures but pushing for changes.

Leading, not imposing, being tough but flexible and above all seeing in ourselves the reflection of our actions –or inactions- towards change. As the sculpture, the band that sustains the planet seems weak but is not is the flexible power of a focused goodwill and a solidarity joint action that keeps it in the air, spinning and spreading a lesson of strength and resilience.

Its all about goodwill? Maybe not, but certainly it’s a milestone that marks a new era of transversal expertise, citizens action and holistic approaches.

*Lorenzo Quinn, Mother Nature

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