BREXIT attitude: when you do not leave a respectful and results-driven footprint..

A great image charged with symbolism of current Leave leaders attitude and Brexit leadership. Recently another Leave leader Jacob Ress-Mog was asked to sit up after laying down on the front benches in Parliament. Both irrelevant facts related to manners rather than politics, however, in current context we can see it as truly expressions of what means Brexit: imposing decisions with only one result: No deal, without political manners and respect to rules and institutions.

There is not much difference between Theresa May and Boris Johnson despite the increasing anger and aggression on the process mainly because of the pass of time and the no achievement of the desired results of a group of leaders. Please note that since the Brexit process begun an important number of MP´s have resigned, exposure that gain a referendum is not enough for building resilience at partisan level. At European level is not possible to build a solid relationship –in or out- without respecting certain rules or trying to put a “feet up” on Europe. Its all about a respectful attitude for building sustainability….

1stRespect to the party: there is a failure on partisan democracy as there is no consensus. Instead it has turned into a crisis transferred to Brexit process, now into a national crisis. We have already perceived it with the weak and not results-driven leadership of Theresa May and now with the aggressive –dictatorial and no negotiable positions of current Prime Minister.

2ndRespect to voters: most of the main argumentations are: “people voted for Brexit” within a “legal referendum”. However there were important failures on democratic guarantees, therefore on legality. When leaders are not able to fulfill campaign promises that, in addition, were key elements for gaining people vote, legality is cancelled along with leaders legitimacyfor going ahead with the process.Particularly when massively the citizens are expressing their deep concerns and regrets about their Leave votes -including Leave leaders that have changed their minds under the light of the negative results- within a national crisis that hit the Nation, also financially.

3º- Respect to Parliament: recently rejection exposure that its also a matter of democracy deficit that moves beyond “deal-no deal” but about fair process and negotiation skills. A truly “feet up” on Boris Johnson irrational ambitious goals.

Most of citizens that vote for Leave, did it under the understanding that they will be a “deal“. A “no deal” was never an option. Only for those that see on Brexit the pursue of their own private interests can see a “no deal” as a fair way-out. Is not what works for “normal people” that needs security and a smooth reshape of the free movement principle. Taking into account that after decades of being part of Europe, British people get used to work, live and feel as Europeans personal and professionally.

Just to put a “feet up” on the European Union will not be enough to response to people´s needs of reliable proposals. Negotiation and a respectful attitude are the job skills for the next Prime Minister for being up to current challenges, even if after all this crisis Leave is still the answer.

Is not a “deal” –as in trade, migration, etc.- but “the deal” that involves generations of people, a culture around Europe and a status quo that even changed must be addressed with a particular generous and humble attitude.

Even if they achieved their goal of leaving they must be within a guaranteed framework that delivers certainty and reliability, not a “Zero-Brexit” based in no negotiation and no accountability towards future crises, including recession in the short-term.

Please PM Boris Johnson, remove your footprint from Europe…

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