The steep path of becoming leaders not just voters…..

….. “greening” the political sector by “cleaning” the system and make it 100% transparent and accountable. A legal framework is not enough and current one turns to be rusty and inoperative. In the end, its a matter of not delivering trust. If political representation does not goes back to the own roots of democracy: citizens, the political sector is transformed into an elite out of control leading by politicians without support from their own voters. An anachronistic stage that results on isolated decisions without an holistic framework of Sustainability.

Do you hold green practices? Do you vote representatives that truly represent your interests? Do you use social media on an active and responsible way? Do you feel empowered? Do you think that citizen action is able to change current chaotic status quo?

If your answers are positive maybe you do not need to read this article, but if its not lets explore the barriers that quite often prevent citizens to act on time and with sense of power.

No sense of empowerment

No sense of the need to CHANGE

Negative feelings as fear to the new and a negative euphoria from political leaders

Excess of political marketization

Activism without impact

Wrong use of social media

Lack of solid transparent and accountable process …… and a long etc. etc.

In times of crisis, people not institutions, joint action not powerful leaders for keeping a guaranteed framework of accurate rapport citizenship- politics. Have you ever reflect about how much are you contributing to a change of the system that delivers sustainable solutions particularly for the political sector?.

Passion it’s a very important element for a change, in fact is key for activist causes, however, not enough. For changing the political sector a deep change on personal attitudes becomes paramount. A transparent political sector demands a committed action that moves beyond activism but a harmonically synergy citizens-institutions in which any act that does not represent the strict fulfillment and representation of a majority of the citizens is removed immediately. When there are not truly “green” structures the system lack of minimum standards on democratic principles.

If we do not apply the rule of A: AWARE, ALERT, ACTIVE we are just citizens that vote politicians not empowered citizens with the capacity to remove those that do not attend their real needs. Political processes cannot hold ownership by individuals but by the joint action of representatives endorsed by citizens, on an steady work of accountability.

“Greening” politics its an early stage that allows a new political order based on “cleaning” the system from a corrupt and biased leadership and processes. Give the system room for building an open structure in which citizens take the lead from the very beginning of each process. Is in this sense that crisis as Brexit, comes from the initiative of political leaders and not from citizens. Paradoxically, Catalonia process represents the contrary, is a paradigmatic model in which, after decades of claiming for independence an in a “two-times” referendum the citizens express clearly their intention of not being part of the Central Spanish Government. Is one of the few models in which nationalism is not the goal but reforms of the system and a focused goal coming from democratic procedures. Even if the first referendum was considered illegal, -claims for a new geopolitical structure is not contemplated in current Constitution-, it was the best expression of democracy or better said an almost direct democracy. Reformists leaders truly represent a majority of Catalans, in fact, last polls suggest a solid victory for them. A cumbersome road towards gets into the conclusion that there are fully legitimated to demand changes by a determined will coming from citizens and leaders on a perfect synergy relationship. A paradox way to show the meaning of pure democracy, when is precisely this type of movements that breaks national Union and creates tension, confrontation and uncertainty across the entire Nation. However, not all nationalisms are the same and this healthy exercise of democracy gets to a positive point in which that does not leave room for manipulation from leaders. When we cannot trust on clean procedures, the tool is just more democratic mechanism – even if it means repetition on results-. Is precisely what is happening in Catalonia and what is extremely needed on Brexit. Indeed, the “runaway horse” of democratic guarantees, in which leaders without checking their true legitimation, goes ahead as in campaign times, two years ago. Time to go back to the roots.

“Cleaning” the system by turning voters into leaders…

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