Are you a dinosaur in terms of Sustainability?

Attitude, habits, practices, general choices or just decisions on all areas of the society that make of citizens, pillars of a sustainable structure?

Whatever the answer is we are aware that small gestures make the difference, although they are not enough. Maybe on an individualistic perspective it represents a difference, but only through an isolationist perspective not on an integration concept that boost a higher goal on Sustainability.

In the sense that we can hold green practices as transport, recycling, water saving, live in areas of reduced pollution or/and vote political representatives that defend Sustainability interests. However, they are just “contributions” and does not create a truly impact on the system. Its important to make of your personal and professional life a sustainable place although, without awareness and sense of solidarity there is not a real impact.

Sustainability its much more than green practices its about a new system based on a political sector committed to higher goals. If not, we face the cruelty of making of isolationism a tool, going back to old models of Sustainability based on “dinosaur methods” of confrontation, competition and a rusty concept of national sovereignty. Is precisely what is happening and the idea of nationalism as an “all in one” solution gains power and credibility. Despite scandalous failures as Brexit, it still has good reception within people that are disappointed with current global standards, which in a sense is logical, although the solution relies on reshape to revert the negative impact on safety and prosperity. Crises deliver uncertainty and a complete loss of trust, no matter which is the system or who are the leaders. What is certain is that people are claiming for a change and the society needs to be enough responsive to deliver accurate answers. The easy answer is to go back to the “old” as way to avoid the fear to the “new” that seems to be threaten and uncertain. Paradoxically the idea of reshaping, changing the “old” and build a new global order within innovation and will for learning from the past, it is presented as weak and not sustainable as it does not look radical. It’s a historical momentum in which extremism “looks like” the perfect solution. Radical political messages trying to sell a product based on euphoria and fear. Unfortunately it works.

 However, is precisely the smart combination of present and past that delivers Sustainability on the long term. Becoming a ”Dinosaur” in which Global Goals are a matter of marketing and no achievable goals is a pessimistic position that speaks more about fear rather than a revolutionary attitude towards change. Going back to old models within new personal green habits without a change of the political system will not make a difference but just separate the world into stagnated compartments that will not address global crisis. Its important to be aware that sustainability its about globalization; we are not going to become sustainable under national terms. Is in this sense that nationalism search for an anti-global sustainability that only focus on national interests; without vision because national security and prosperity its also part of a global plan. Just to see the relentless advances of Tech we see that they are undoubtedly marking our path from a different focus.

Do not try to “make the dinosaur”, we are inserted and irreversible linked into a global project that demands global solutions to make it Sustainable.

As the grass sculpture if you are a dinosaur in terms of Sustainability you are driving yourself towards isolation. A way to survive crises but at the same time not the attitude towards resilience and the full eradication of harmful short-term models of living –including the own survival of the political sector-. Delivering solutions for crises demand action and a change of attitudes in which joint action represents the big framework.

Moving beyond the “safety” of isolationism and becoming a modern robot of change towards Sustainability.

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