Women Economic Forum or better said, Women Enlightened Forum

My article for this week is about my impressions, thoughts and discoveries in the Forum. It is my first time and I hope it´ll be just that, the first of many more opportunities to breathe again the atmosphere of an inspiring and innovative meeting point.

Portugal has shown to be the perfect host with their charming people, beautiful green places and inviting environment for reflecting about a brighter future.

Several months ago, they strongly recommended to participate, which I did, full of expectations and enthusiasm although with many unresolved questions. Mainly because I am not a truly activist for women causes but for the search of Sustainability in which women are part of a wider and holistic project where people and institutions reshape accordingly -and pacifically- towards joint action. The search for equality at all levels has many possibilities and the one that is enough inclusive it does not necessary includes a gender focus but a woman perspective. That was part of one of my presentations that I am going to share on the following weeks.

From the very beginning it promised to be a special event in many aspects especially for a strict commitment towards a sustainable environment. A zero waste conference that bans paper personal cards, the use of paper napkins, no printed program, etc. were innovative elements for an authentically change of codes, marking a new stage on traditional Forums.  Also the communication strategy was innovative, based on the search for cohesion and new codes of relationships, Indeed, the first emails that I´ve received from them in relation to my collaboration on the Forum started with “Dear Holly Sister…” I was surprised as is it not the formal and traditional shape for international events. It makes me reflect deeply about the real philosophy of this event and which is the place that religion has on it. I am a Political Analyst and Blogger and religion is only part of my personal life not exactly an active expertise focus of my work –even if its hard to separate both-. Many questions arised until I got the answer; I was gladly mistaken, it was not a matter of religion but of spirituality, joint action and solidarity.

The Global Chairperson Harbeen Arora, a devoted and inspiring woman from India works as a “pillar of union”. With a deep soul and mind, her leadership marks the event within a soft strength. Her attitude and solid presence was part of a game changer for the Forum organization in itself. Transforming it into a special one; emphasizing on spirituality not on religion, on holistic approaches not on politics, on practical implementation not on ideologies.

As a result the event was a combination of diverse philosophy, religion and culture that harmonically joint together and results into a higher goal for an innovative vision on a Sustainable future based on peace and capacity of coexistence. An event able to joint people beyond religion and create an impact –as they effectively does- represents an unprecedented way to address women vulnerability in current chaotic times. Applying innovation within passion under a framework of joint action, building from trusts and respect to each other.

Certainly the agenda was very ambitious and I get impressed about the capacity to cover all aspects from personal –health, emotional hunger, personal fulfillment, social relations or balanced life- to ecological politics, new economic structures, sustainable cities, etc. The message was clear: only a reshape of current structures and personal attitudes can make a difference and achieve change.

A truly join action from women from all over the world that aim to make a difference from the own local, global or just personal action or initiative demands moving beyond religion and culture. That was the challenge and that’s the importance to learn tools and “write” new codes to relate to each other from different and innovative perspectives…. much more than tolerance but integration. Leaving the idea that Sustainability is it just the excuse to be able to change our personal and professional lives towards an internal Sustainability, from within and then, delivering balance to the rest.

My two presentations were focus on Change and Politics: “Change is on the way, the new and the old in Sustainable Economic Development” and “Ecological politics in todays world”. A challenge that I took under the idea that politics is the main –maybe the shorter- way for building change at a big scale. Once we were able to see the world from different perspectives based on trust and empowerment we will select those leaders that best represent our interests, instead of endorsing the continuity of an old –unsustainable- model coming from a political elite.

What I learnt from the Women Economic Forum is that innovation matters only if we are able to transform from within. That old and wild passion that turns into a new Sustainability strategy.

A women Forum, not a feminist Forum, that address global crises from the heart and soul of a woman´s feelings and thoughts. As Harbeen Arora said, the word “heart” is formed by two parts Heaven & Earth. That is the goal: where heaven meets Earth. Channeled feelings into rational and effective strategies towards a new sustainable global order.

Thanks so much Women Economic Forum and all the ladies –organizers and participants- for an enlightened moment of joint action and healthy exchange beyond biases and boundaries.

This is definitely an innovative way to become sustainable. Much more than just another International Forum…

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