Back to Romanticism? Feelings instead of rational strategies?

Fear, despair, hate, indifference, some of the “normal” feelings of current times as a reaction to armed conflicts, diseases, refugees, climate change, economical migration, polluted environment, unemployment and more.  They are “bombing” us towards a truly war against… that s the critical question, which is our war on? Which is our role as dramatic characters on a chaotic stage?

However, is a precious moment of a re-birth of positive feelings in relation to solidarity, creativity, strong values and a special intuition towards innovative and unique approaches; including the own labor market. Indeed, recent studies suggest that employers are more inclined to hire people with a passion for sustainable causes rather than the best experts –even if on rational terms they are better- That is precisely the positive boost that technology is delivering, a complete change of the labor market´s demands in which creativity and subjective views are more valued than just an old pattern of “human automation” .

In a sense is like going back to Romanticism´s times that maximize feelings, values and passion rather than the rational implementation of institutional codes that in the end results on ineffectiveness.

‪Diversity,tolerance, integration are the new guiding values and drivers for any strategy that tend to be effective, global and updated to new challenges. National crises are also global and this is a basic for any leader. Is for this reason that nnationalism address crises partially and from a defensive focus not a proactive and innovative approach but an old fashioned model of doing politics. Brexit´s failure, -although successful in terms of campaign message- exposures clearly.If we decide it to go back on history we need to updated within new standards.

We also need an updated version of Romanticism´s culture on values in the sense that it should be built through a joint action basis without that emphasis on individualism. Nevertheless the personal attitude, special energy and commitment towards change represent a must in current times. More than ever talent and small personal changes on habits and traditions become key to be hopeful for a sustainable future. Is it here that social media plays an important role on empowering individuals and make a model of their behaviour within a truly modern society. This is why we make parallels with Romanticism in which feelings and individualism gets its best point of protagonist. However, is it only through a strong institutional framework, committed leaders and innovation that change will take place.

Current framework is based on ineffective and no updated institutions –particularly at global level-, and leaders too much individualistic that emphasis their personal role rather than a higher goal on stability for the medium term. Submerged on short-terms goals of campaign times they make of political marketization a tool and a goal in itself. Mainly because they are too much linked to other interests that force them to skip transparency processes, also from their own political parties. This stage may be easily overcome by a stronger legal framework, however, is only a matter of implementation and not of lack of legislation what marks the difference. What we really need is an active and stronger citizenship that, without fear, lead an active process of “making law a lively tool” with the feeling and conviction that their passion and mobilization will change current chaotic status quo. Addressing the own failures of the legal framework that prevents to deliver stability to the political sector:  the contradiction of excessive restrictive in certain areas and too weak in some others, especially in relation to climate change implementation policies.

At citizenship level there is not awareness of the truly power as change makers able to transform cultural codes and to determine the action of the rest of actors and institutions. Despite the active use of the main tool that they hold: management of social media, they are not using it on its full potential and without full guarantees for a fair and ethical information and exchange.

For a resilient change we need to walk to an almost direct democracy and finally establish smart transparency processes to make sure that their political leaders truly represented them and make of their work a touch-based action with citizens.

Lets go back and walk again the road of initiatives, positive feelings and passion, driving a new world based on creativity, within the power of tech innovation and the own personal capacity of changing traditional codes. Romanticism is back but on a global joint action in conjunction with a smart connection and exchange. Just healthy feelings towards a sustainable path on resilience.

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