Many planets in one…simply vision


Multiple crises have also brought “multiple nationalisms “, different shapes of the same: isolationism and racism moving forward through a wire ideology that doesn’t allow integration and joint action for building resilience. Trying to implement old codes of doing politics -and also living- represents the main sign of their total ineffectiveness for delivering solutions.

Nationalism is showing a good capacity to see the world as different stages and people without room for diversity and multiculturalism. A sort kind of many separate communities that belongs to “Class A or B” with less or more possibilities to access to good standards of living or to immigrate to certain countries. Recently Pres. D. Trump said that people coming from countries like Norway are welcomed although not from other countries that he considered of lower classes. Is it really the way to get out of multiple crises? Is it the way to fight back? Isolationism process are trying to convince as that joint action its just a left wing position that is not delivering prosperity or safety. However without giving alternatives -or offering changes to e.g. their military strategy, which in fact has a totally different approach-, instead of isolationist position, has an interventionist strategy.

There are not many planets in one but just many opposite positions that are not getting to one resilient solution. I am not seeing big troubles on the existence of ideological positions based on nationalism if there were based on innovation and creativity  not based on hate and confrontation. A results-driven focus is what we need to deliver effective solutions for global crises and nationalisms  that “are not delivering”. Historically it have been opposite ideological positions, however there were able to deliver answers to each crisis –at least national-, in a multiple crisis stage we cannot afford stagnation and weak answers but fast and effective responses. Donald Trump administration and Brexit process exposure that a no updated nationalism is a dead ideology unable to deliver solutions.

Adaptation and innovation is not only a matter of delivering responses but of ideological updated positions. Nationalisms are not necessary wrong if there up to current challenges or/and able to make changes within their own organizations. Proposing an old model that exists before globalisation with additional elements of hate are simply ideologies with no vision. Old codes of international relations are definitely not the answer for new challenges and a new status quo constructed by tech and globalization. Not even the current global model is the same as it origins.

Brexit as well as Trump´s processes have used the message of “anti-establishment” as a rallying flag, however there were only trying to keep an old establishment of isolationism. Is it for this reason that instead of boosting a new successful establishment they threat national stability and feed confrontation and hate. Destroying a multicultural habitat and creating a cultural around discrimination.

There is no need for visionary leaders but for visionary policies in which global joint action represents it best sign of credibility. Any strategy that is focused on isolationism under global standards will not delivered solutions –even at national level. UK is an example of the chaos generated after Brexit, especially from a cultural side as well as U.S. in which more confrontation is resulting not on an “even greater America” or “ a safer and prosper UK” but of a diminished power and a total loss of international leadership.

The world may be completely different according to the vision of each culture, religion or ideology -also for its solutions-. Let´s be open-minded and welcome any way-out that shapes a new world!. 

Resilience is about joint-action.


*Artima Art Gallery London, Dec. 2017

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