After Brexit: rescuing the “big multicultural lively fish”

25659410_1911181539198056_6637663204936014975_nIndeed, Brexit was not a simple political change of direction but a strong movement against multicultural values and an open society. UK has lost their most important asset: a free society able to welcome people from all over the world and build a new and greater society. I would like to see it as a big fish, and not as it is now: a skeleton of what used to be.

Simply being a couple of days in London and you can “breathe” that change, the anger and resentment of people that are not feeling successful about Brexit but frustrated after the initial euphoria that surrounded its campaign.

UK has been a pioneer of respecting religions and traditions from people for all over the world. London is the city that concentrates all that power although after Brexit process it has been deeply affected at cultural level.

Is it true, global crises as security and migration, are important pillars for not believing in globalization and European integration, however, it has been used to manipulate citizen´s opinions towards an isolationist-nationalist political goal. They have forgotten all the efforts made at private and public sector to integrate people and create a conglomerate of cultures.

Is it clear that people are legitimated to search for solutions to crises and protect their own countries of the devastating impact of global crises. Globalisation does not mean, “sink together” but defend each other sovereignty and national interests. The latest also include foreign residents.

A similar process is happening with Catalonia, Spain, which is a good example of the need to resolve national problems before independence claims. Independence voters were right on disagree with the Central government, and clearly there are a majority of Catalans, however the procedures were not up to a so intricate process. In addition,  there is an important lack of support from main organizations included the European Union that weaken the entire process and the credibility of their leaders. Is it so, that the parallel with Brexit is valid in terms of the failure on dialogue and negotiation and the constant feeding of confrontation and hate- in the case of Catalonia by the Central government and their complete mistaken strategy based on violence, threats and leaders’ imprisonment-. The entire strategy represents a threat not only for the own stability of the Spanish State but also for a democratic system in itself. Brexit´s process is exactly the same, erasing any possibility for negotiation with that 48% of people that vote for a radically different project and approach for living.

The people are fully legitimated to claim for independence and present a new project that go against integration and global joint action however, which is absolutely unacceptable is the deep division created by feeding hate, confrontation and racism -especially when there is a so important average of the population that its against as exposure by the referendum results-. Including the fact that a last survey suggests that if the referendum were now there will be 55 % of voters in favor of “Remain”.

Going ahead with this plan without measure “real will” from the citizens represents a fail on democracy as well as a to deep fracture among citizens.

UK deserves to continue being a “big multicultural lively fish” and not just a skeleton of what used to be in the past not able to deliver strength and resilience. Education and a steady campaign on integration and solidarity values will lead to the needed resilience. At least, if at political level the society has lost integrity and capacity for facing crises, at cultural level it should keep their active citizen engagement. Moving beyond politics …..

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