Without global support…individual joint action as the main agent for change


 As the sculpture, in a planet of uncertainty and scarcity of resources, including human leadership, individual action on a joint-action basis becomes the solid resource to rely on. Even if individuals are not moving on a guaranteed framework there should trust in their own capacity to manage crises. It´s all about be organized and training. More than ever debate, association, advocacy and the power of social media become essential for building a resilient community.

For moving forward with strength and certainty we must focus on a new global order by reshaping codes of power for leaders and institutions. Current political chaos in which nationalism seems to be one of their main weaknesses mark the inflection point in which individuals -rather than institutions and leaders- must lead the process.

 Multiple global crises forced us to visualize solutions as a part of a “new age” in which the planet has the opportunity for reshaping the role of individual action and civil society as main agents for change.

 The world is failing at institutional and leadership level and crises as climate change, migration or armed conflicts are not finding the way out, getting deeper or just get stagnated.

US nationalist focus has exposure its total failure for being a global leader. Jerusalem-Palestine mediation process or migration policies illustrate clearly that an isolationist vision is not compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Searching for new global leaders its also a challenge, indeed, currently we are facing the weakness of leaders without global impact because of lack of support or strength to boost resilient policies or getting the lead for a new innovative road of their own leadership.

Is it so that we must be centered on the real power/tools that we hold: training, social media and the capacity of gathering individual action and advocate for an Educated civil society able to refocus current political global chaos.

More than ever individualism needs to be seen in the context of a joint action approach in which be informed and trained are essential parts for achieving an effective advocacy action.

If people are training and at the same time joint their efforts towards a common goal of global stability, means that we are moving without the burden of failed institutions and leaders.

The leadership relies on individual joint action more than just visionary leaders that find revolutionary solutions. The fact that we get used to rely on them is preventing to accept the role of leaders in this uncertain historical period of time of the planet. The capacity to gather together around a higher goal: a green, transparent and ethical global system is the real revolution that will make the change. Political systems are not responding effectively although they concentrate and unlimited power because of a weak citizenship that is not using their resources with a sense of empowerment.

Changing the focus of power allows the citizenship to be empowered and change current “wire” relationship in which State-citizens represents two contradictory sides in which democracy is missing. Indeed, when the State performs without full approval from the citizenship it loses democratic values that lead to a no fair and reliable political representation. In the case of climate change U.S. Administration is not representing the majority of the citizens. In fact 47% of Trump´s voters say US should participate in Paris agreement, and this is only the average for their voters but there is a majority of American citizens that support it. However, US quit the agreement without any consequences at legal level. Political representation should be taken literally and after the election are submitted to the citizenship control and supervision of each decision that goes against the majority. If not we enter into the dangerous road of authoritarianism and arbitrariness.

A well-organized citizenship that demands accountability on a steady basis is a key fact for boosting resilient systems that transforms the political machinery into another pillar of a global system, definitely not the most powerful.

 Agents for change….


* “Superhuman”, Chad Knight

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