Green surrealism: the challenges ahead…


green tree by Shorra deviantart

The need for transforming systems into Green must be an imperative, however we are focused on short-term projects and not on a truly revolutionary change of cultural codes of living.

Reducing greenhouse emissions its only one part of the goal and even with the achievement of this goal we will not get to the higher goal: adaptation to the new challenges with resilient policies and attitudes. The planet is being reshaped by the impact of climate change but also by new crises and the relentless technology advances. The growing trend of living in cities, inequality, increases on meat consumption, reduction of water reserves, massive abandon of the countryside challenging the agriculture system, “marketization” of green products or the own mistaken interpretation -and implementation- of what means “globalisation”.

Innovation represents the transversal line that would encompass everything.

“Inequality” is one of those challenges of this surrealist stage that undermines the achievement for a green world. Reducing poverty without reducing inequality means one step ahead for achieving minimum standards of global living but also one step back on the goal to create a global system that guarantees a clean planet with equal access to innovative resources. Water scarcity is the sign that there is an urgent need to build structures that balance power and guarantee the accessibility of all the population, not just and elite.

“Abandoning the countryside” is not the answer but the cruel reality that impacts directly any green ambition; and is expected to become even worse. Indeed, 2/3 of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 and will add 2.5 billion people more.

For protecting the rural environment, new opportunities and incentives are needed to make them enough attractive for young people. Overcrowded cities demand a solution that goes beyond better and more confortable conditions of living but the creation of an innovative and productive framework within healthy links city-countryside.

New habits on green must include the development of employment opportunities enough attractive for building people´s life around a green structure in which the relationship with the countryside must be a top priority –living either in cities or the countryside-.Education plays a key role not only for kids but also for Adults learning. Because the protection of natural resources its also a matter of training.

“Marketisation” of green products: that we need more and improved green products is a fact, although not the excess of marketing that is driven the market into another commercial opportunity instead of boosting green habits. There are being developed strategies around “high green values” under a careful commercial image, although   without an in-depth transformation of the sector.

There is more concern on aesthetics rather than on a systemic change, another aspect of this surrealistic stage–and burden- for achieving a tangible green global goal.

The own mistaken interpretation -and implementation- of what means “globalization”: since the idea of being global has been developed the trend to live in cities has increased, however it has not been created to grow cities but to grow equal opportunities and improve well-being. In addition, the rejection from many groups of the concept of “global world” results in more nationalism that threat any attempt to build a systemic global system able to coordinate green policies at macro level.

Vertical gardens, recycling, change nutrition habits, urban farming, healthy food, ecological products, circular economy, use of clean energies, innovative agriculture, subsidies from the public sector, etc. All parts of the same puzzle that its still a “puzzle” that must be assembled and need the systemic vision from global leaders and strong institutions The private sector and the proliferation of individual initiatives are doing great but its not enough and will not achieve a green goal if its not under a global coordination and complete reshape of current system.

 Under a surrealist stage let´s be realistic by innovative strategies that could really transform the system into a GREEN dream of balance and environmental harmony. Dreaming under a broccoli tree….





*Surrealist art, Shorra, Deviantart





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