United Nations: a big elephant playing with a weakened planet

imagesThe simply and sad diagnosis that we could make is that United Nations has little impact, just a big elephant with mud feet’s. However his action is worse than his passivity. Indeed it has an active role in keeping a status quo created by super power members of the Security Council in which everything goes through.

Palestine conflict, peacekeeping operations, migration crisis, financial crisis, Middle East conflicts and a long list that exposures ineffectiveness and lack of a results-oriented approach from United Nations. A performance based in passivity and complicity at the same time.

The failure on all those crises has exposed the irrelevant and weak role of United Nations. Is it an intentional move to boost more nationalism? Or is it just because of wrong leaders and the lack of political will of working towards a supranational institution able to guide the world into a path of sustainability and resilience?

Now, it´s true that supporters against international institutions has used this failures to promote the close down of UN. It is the same political argumentation for supporting Brexit and seems to be the leading guideline for a far right agenda that is dominated current political stage under a pseudo leadership. In fact this “new” leadership is looking for weaken institutions hence, promoting the resolution of conflicts out of a globalization model, building a world through bilateral agreements. The most simplistic way of searching for solutions: deny a global model and use current global crises as a matter of local responsibility , having as a result  set above a far right agenda.

Crises are part of the evolution of humanity and there is just another opportunity to change. Most of what has been built is not working…right! But also most of what has been done lay the foundation for developing greater and stronger pillars in resilience. If climate change is a matter of individual action and could be partially reversible, why not changing principles and codes on leadership and institutions? However this has been taken as a way to destroy what has been successfully created instead of reforming. United Nations is not a bad structure in itself, all the contrary it is the solution to resolve international conflicts and prevent crisis. Recent COP21 has shown the effectiveness of joint action and that a strong and focused leadership would lead to visionary solutions. However, private interests like hedge funds and its wire relationship in funding Brexit campaign has shown that they’re other interests rather than the public and common goal of universal peace and prosperity.

Examples like Palestine that after 30 years is not seeing a way out shows that United Nations has not the political will to resolve the conflict and the only achievement is the introduction of Palestine flag -with the vote against U.S-. Is it really absurd that Israel is not having a punishment and that the U.S. allocate budget in the concept of “aid” to Israel of more than $3.1 billion.

So, there is no ineffectiveness in terms of the institution in itself but on action  and lack of accountability of their members. The own membership of the Security Council including vote systems is one of the main elements of this complete failure.

Through a change on leadership is that real and legitimated action will bring United Nations as the most important catalyst of conflicts and crisis around the world. Currently it ´s just a strong tool of the Security Council that does not allows changes and/or prevent from doing structural international reforms. Is important to see that even if immediately after 2d World War the idea of conciliate positions from different religions and cultures could sound unreal, the last decades has proven that is possible and only the “dictatorship” of the big countries are overshadowing the real goal and mission of United Nations.

The only way to keep the balance among super powers is by a responsible and solid leadership and this change of direction could be achieved by the extension of the Security Council membership. In addition to a refreshed leadership that could print with new blood an old and rusty institution.

An institutional crisis doesn’t mean that institutions don’t work, means that people are not leading with vision. Brexit is the model of what must not being follow. The European Union works but not his leaders, not his strategy and not his financial focus. That´s why reforms are so needed.

United Nations is a magnificent infrastructure that need to be used at the service of all countries equally and not by a few members. Building a reshaped model of globalization. Without international joint action, global peace is in danger however, a good arena for a far right agenda based in confrontation.

The international community is feeding hungry “elephants” with biased interests instead of building an international community by joint action and strong roots based in Human rights guarantees and respect of religions and cultures

Interaction, not intervention should be the rule.

More than ever we need the acceptance of all cultures, religions and political systems must be under the conviction that there is only one international community with common goals of peace and prosperity in an unique culture of Uniting Nations! GO!


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