Boris Johnson:foreign affairs in the hands of an isolationist. Shooting in the air….

Boris Johnson visits China
Mayor of London Boris Johnson takes a helicopter ride over Hong Kong as part of week long visit to China to promote trade between the far east and London.

“Most of our problems are not caused by Brussels, but by chronic British short-termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills and a culture of easy gratification and under investment”. With these words Boris Johnson shows their inconsistent political view and the lack of focus towards a long-term plan for Britain after Brexit. By the contrary, it sets out their personal ambitions that lead to in-depth contradictions in his “confused” political ideological position. Is it now that we are facing the consequences of not having an alternative strategy and a message full of inconsistencies. This is just the beginning of a long, contradictory and uncertain stage that is waiting for Britain.

 In moments of crises being “against of”: anti-global, anti-European, anti-migration, being an “anti” helps in a personal political carrier in which you do not need to give tangible alternative strategies but just play in the opposition. A good move that allows him for “circulating” a chaotic political stage without accountability and by sure, vision.

Populism has taken the road of our future in an intrusive and abusive way, having as a main tool politicians like Trump, Farage, Le Pen or Johnson that put before far right interests than the main duty of delivering a strategy achievable in the medium term able to solve the chaos created by current global crises.

Statements like China will never growth made by Boris Johnson in 2005 shows once more his incapacity to predict accurately and their tendency to make easy comments although it sounds strong and convincing. Brexit was the other fatal example of this kind of message that predicts a black future for Britain foreign affairs.

An undiplomatic, anti-integrationist politician at the Head of Diplomacy in charge of British foreign affairs, including the future leadership of what promises to be a conflictive and difficult negotiation process with the European Union.

This will be also the profile for leading negotiations with U.S. and the trade agreement. Before Brexit the government has expressed their intention of not negotiating bilaterally but with a united European Union.

All of the above, in the context of a fractured UK, with Scotland searching for a 2d referendum that would lead them to a separation from Britain to remain in the European Union. In addition to cultural devastating consequences that Brexit left: mainly the division among their citizens and the promotion of racism and xenophobia in which the cruel death of Jo Cox is just the most devastated exponent of the beginning of a dark future for Britain after Brexit.

With a record of inconsistent analysis, failed predictions and undiplomatic comments, which will be the more plausible stage for Boris Johnson in future relations with the rest of the world? Following their own idea that EU is not the center of all British problems? Or following a far right agenda of isolationism and xenophobia that is currently leading British political agenda?

A mystery that unfortunately will be resolved shortly after the real agenda is displayed. Currently will only have a politician that without a respectful attitude and a solid strategy has reached a position only as a part of a political negotiation because of their well-played populist role during Brexit campaign. In fact it has result on half of the population divided and convinced that the European Union is responsible of all their threats and failures. Indeed for Boris Johnson unemployment, poverty, security, and lack of transparency and accountability from government, have the European Union as the only responsible. So now, it supposes that politicians with this bizarre position (as well as Nigel Farage) and their fallen promises will lead Britain to a future of prosperity and “profitable” isolationism with Europe and the rest of the world. Hard to believe…..

 Boris Johnson: a populist fabricated by a far right agenda with a political message contradictory with their statements and political carrier. Personal ambition beyond ideologies and tangible goals that build an unreliable campaign of fallen promises and no strategy.

Brexit campaign and its consequences…shooting in the air.



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