Chameleon times…..

Yes!,…it’s time to change colours and adapt to a versatile, sometimes chaotic environment. Is it not about adapt to inconsistency but bold enough to face challenges The capacity to change colours without losing our inner values is simply resilience, and certainly an attitude to move beyond the current grey reality. There is no one way-out to solve global crises, and the negative impact that creates in our personal, and professional lives that may be fixed by the powerful decision of simply changing the lenses. Magnifying lenses to adjust reality within an open mindset its not necessarily about innovation, but reshaping approaches to the point that we accept a steady, somehow vertiginous change in all aspects of our lives. 

2020 was not a year of pandemic precisely, but actually it was of reflection from a crisis scenario and pseudo-relaxed policies carry on with self-confident attitudes that for so long our lazy minds were claiming for it. That urgent need to “go back to normal” desperately wanted, and that unfortunately -or not- will never come. The relentless evolution is telling us that we have entered a new age, the age that everything looks faster, more intense, and more impactful. High technology pushes into speed responses, building a completely different communications dimension, however, is it now that we need to stop, and slowly go deep into our inner to contribute to creating a new philosophy of practical living.

If I have to give a one-word definition of how we lived the last years I will say: intense. Many words apply to these years: dramatic, traumatic, devastating, learning experience, growth, but definitely whatever we have navigated through this crisis was the capacity to accept the intensity of a multiple crises scenario in all corners of our lives.

Negative or positive, all these years were impactful, and for those that were lucky enough to not be impacted negatively, it was simply a loose from the opportunity to learn how to become different, to elevate spirits, and heart towards new scope. Thus, being able to impact communities and new generations through the implementation of creativity rather than techniques, to individual action instead of institutional toxic reliance.

2020 marked the debut of a new agenda, unfolded the true colours -and clues- to understand the political agenda, paradoxically, also helps us to see through the colourful window of a higher way of living: within more connexion with nature, maximising the power of relations, keeping the distance from bodies, not souls, and most importantly reset, and reboot a renewed commitment with local communities. 

2021 was time for recovering from the shock, not there yet, but within an unknown strength, re-ordering priorities, re-inventing ourselves, or better said re-discovering what was already there ready to come out when it was needed.

2022 was the true year of “going back to normal” without being “normal”, the time of awareness that uncertainty will stay with us harmonically merged with our lives. That insecurity is not an exceptional situation reserved for those courageous to face it, but the age of waking up to live in present “mode”. Tuning into a frequency of full local commitment to getting into a global fulfilment, to personal development to the explosion of new skills that end, irreversible, in the chaotically waves from Social Media. New skills, that are determined to build the architecture for the next years, within construction materials that become sustainable: creativity, audacity, fearless attitude, and why not forwardness of mind to learn the new. The irresistible gesture that only works when there is the powerful resource of feeling comfortable within our bodies, and souls….simply reality. 

Facing challenges demands “sketching” the silhouette of a new human being with different needs, and reshaped values on the blank canvas from an unknown reality, getting rid from the mysterious darkness of ignorance, lack of solidarity, and goodwill. Painting within energetic purposeful, and generous stroke in the same way that many famous painters did: without recognition not even getting profits just to deliver a bold and solid message that impacts new generations.

Like Lorenzo Quinn´´s beautiful sculpture Force of Nature becomes coloured by “Viva Magenta” the color from Pantone 2023. Losing their shape? Maybe, but certainly keeping the same Force of nature that gives their name, and senses for being. Standing strong, and open to changing colours is the only way to stand naked in front of challenges, resiliently manage crises, and finally, have a flexible mindset that like a chameleon changes color to merge with the environment once, and again. Accepting and enjoying chameleon times…

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