Social Media & Media: playing a big and anarchical “Salon des Refusés” stage… 

Paris 1863: The “Salon des Refusés”  an exponent of the arbitrary rules that identify good and wrong, art and “no art”. The “Paris Salon” instead follows the rules from local art trends identified only through traditional models, preventing to welcome diversity and in the end, the appreciation of new shapes of art. Making of beauty a boring and unreachable goal instead of a joyful path toward towards perfection.

It’s as important to hold principles, and values than to adapt to changes and appreciate the huge dimension represented by diversity. A quite controversial meaning as is it currently patrimony of pseudo- modern theories on gender, transgender and more. However, diversities are the very essence of all…for all. Diversities are the very own meaning of human nature: Universe in balance, not associated with peace, balance and serenity, but the harmony that delivers  a deep definition of Universe: evil and heaven, war and peace, hate and love. More than contradictions they are a truly point of balance that let us move forward to the very own evolution. 

An  all-in-one global system represents misbalanced within balance. Is it the duality that give senses, and is our duty to reduce their negative impact not to destroy their nature. Is not a logical expectation that when “balance” is achieved it will never hold confrontation, is part of a ncessary cycle for evolution, not so the extremes, that is the dramatic point when we truly fail to fight back. The capacity to avoid extremes and reduce their negative impact by taking the best of it, is a work of integration and the search for excellence.

 For example: a debate on religion, philosophy or ideology tends to be manipulated to the extreme because it gains popularity, audience, votes, profits, etc. However, is it only through  the contradiction of two different positions that wisdom is displayed and finally gives birth to revolutionary changes. Accepting diversity is one of the big steps towards positive, revolutionary and wise evolution. 

Actually we live in a big “Salon des Refusés” where standards and codes are pre-established by a big Emperor: Social Media, Media, politics, global institutions, etc. Sadly as a difference from that historical time, there is none “Salon des Refusés”, just a big and only one chaotic stage of approval for whom there is no diversity at all. 

Indeed, pre-established codes that decide by their own if there is beauty or ugliness, if its wrong or rights, if its art or not. A whole system based in standards that are not necessary aligned with critical thinking or knowledge on techniques or/and philosophy, but simply fashion that changes through the decades. Established as it were the “law” it impacts the society with conviction , control, authority, and sadly with no deep criteria. – or at least not a consistent one-. 

Anyone that dare to contradict, confront or struggle against the “social code” is immediately considered social misfit, rebel, odd, bitterly or simply an “outsider”. 

Who makes the rules in art beyond expertise lenses? Who decide what is ugly of beautiful? There are not certain answers for it , and  is“naturally” accepted that the concept of beauty depends on the general opinion or an influential elite. Although, when we see it under the light of art, we realise how relative is and how intrusive may become to aim for an accurate definition of a “good piece of art”. Depends on the culture, predominant fashion wave or simple historical time . 

Is what precisely happened in the “Salon des Refusés” with Edouard Manet’s “Déjeuner sur l’herb”, criticised, rejected, and finally becoming an icon in their field. Or Vicent Van Gogh´s paintings each of them worth over 60 million today, but was considered an “amateur” by that times, described as “strange, intense and feverish”. 

The list is sadly long, and speaks more about human nature than art. A dilemma that may be solved by a simple statement: everything is beauty because is part of life. Only circumstances, focuses and places should decide if applies or not to the goals. Is it a marketing issue rather than a reliable standard and has become inaccurate and changeable.

A global world has become a big and shrill “Salon des Refuseés” where Media and Social Media are in charge and establish arbitrary codes and standards, although without a critical view within an extremely authoritarian focus. Surprisingly, it pretends to become a sort kind of “Paris Salon”, losing all accuracy and appreciation of deep and meaningful art – in any shape of it- .

We must walk towards an open, flexible but also demanding “Paris Salon” not ruled by dictatorial standards, but from the capacity to appreciate and evaluate fairly, the good, the valued and the message beyond pre-established standards. Where the “Salon des Refusés” becomes a transformative place that builds tolerance and diversity, not homogeneity and massive “out of the blue” codes. 

A global world enough patience to respect all, and at the same time, wise enough to see on any initiative a new message that contributes to find solutions diverse and even more demanding in order to make of perfection and expertise the maximum symbol of beauty.




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