Are you prepared for a new Belle Époque?

…and its not only about daily activities but a change of focus on priorities . COVID19 marks and before and after and should not be taken as “another crisis” but an entirely new approach. Learning from crises supposes change or at least moving towards change. Accepting the challenge and enter into a new era within a new scale of values, reshape of current ones, brand new categories –especially for AI- or different implementation. Any option represents a new focus and the sense that it is a new era to come. 

There would be no philosophical senses for crises if there is not among feelings, actions, and goals towards a new era marked for what leads the Belle Époque: optimism, creativity, innovation, passion to the unknown. It is precisely now, one of the darkest hours of the planet that we must build feelings around a Belle Époque for the near future. 

The Belle Époque supposed the end of an era and the start of a new one full of creativity and new ideas to reconstruct a fragile world submerged in despair and sorrow. In the same way of that historical period: creating international cooperation networks and living with the passion of reshaping old models and inventing new ones.Globalization does not start with multinationals it has been taken over by them. They are not owners of the process just one more actor that contributes to build a global concept and paradoxically –or not- needs war to strengthen their roots. The war against COVID19 exposures that as well as a cruel political reality: an entire economical war behind,  a wrong political scenario polluted by other interests and leaders that respond to their own image rather than a results-driven action.

Focusing on “beyond” on the “renaissance” of a new era, a true Belle Époque for whom our personal attitude of optimism is key towards transformation, the explosion of positive feelings and a boost of creativity and inspirational thoughts, making of ideas, projects or strategies a before and after. During this enlightened historical period cars, electricity or even cinemas were created on a non-stop flow of changes. All have just one root: the will to flourish and change by re-creating new well-being codes, cultural and socially. Do we need pandemic, war, poverty, emergencies or even acid debates to move forward? Maybe –and sadly- the answer is yes, the people need to be shaken up to search for answers inside themselves. That is exactly the recipe for revolutionary changes and flourishes like a flower that opens their petals in spring with the elegance and charm that only a pure passion can deliver.

Human nature is complex and mysterious as this magical period Belle Époque has written a precedent in the history of how we can re-directed passion towards genuine transformation, change and a new concept of well-being. A new Villa Lumière -as  Paris at that time- of the planet but from virtual communities making of the Internet the epicenter of our light. An explosion of colors and innovation. That creativity that “blows” waves of vertigo and reconciliation with our own weakness turning into strengths as a fortress able to build a brand new world.

Go…wake up, get the essence and walk up the stairs without fear, creativity is not a skill reserved to the most talented, in crisis time is a “must-have” to cultivate, motivate and boost a new wave as if we were fuelling an old and rusty engine that needs an extra push. It is a historical momentum to do so especially the Education system making of it a driver to flourish, an entirely new focus upon a truly renewed Belle Époque.

Let us close this chapter, although before it is over as a way to walk through all these tragedies that COVID19 has brought, by the eyes of passionate creativity, that it is much more than just hope but action. Getting down the stairs and getting the essence again, drawing with each step the strokes of a new Belle Époque.

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