Middle East “fabricated wars”.Building peace from within…

“No Nation can stand against a world united”,“ No Nation will be permitted to brutally assault its neighbors”, “No President can easily commit our sons and daughters to war” A great speech from President George H. W. Bush in 1991 about Gulf War but so accurate and wise that is valid for today challenges in Middle East.

Being ruled by GLOBAL institutions, equal ACCOUNTABILITY of all national sovereignties and MORALS towards political decisions that involves sorrow and tragedy = PEACE

It doesn’t matter from which angle, talent or professional area you work, when you send a message of peace you may disagree with both sides of the conflict, but what you certainly do not do is to block attempts for dialogue and conciliation of positions.

Peace is not about supporting US, Iran or ISIS but to search for solutions that deliver minimum standards of stability and avoid the Apocalyptical situations lived in Iraq, Syria, Yemen or many of these “fabricated wars”. Indeed, there are no root causes of a conflict rather than strictly national or regional reasons.

US “petroleum interests” and historical tradition of manipulating one of the other sides of the different religions and ethnic conflicts has lead to the paradox of training Bim Laden by the CIA or even the own pilot of the flight that exploded in 11S.

In 2004, Gral. Wesley Clark has said, “if there were not petroleum, Middle East would be as Africa” of no interest to US. Unfolded a truly obscure agenda: “we´re going to take out seven countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia,  Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran.” *

Nothing new to see here, but now within the self-confidence that there is not enough international pressure or/and leadership from global institutions to stop them. In addition, they have withdrawal from UNESCO so they do not even have the commitment to preserving historical patrimony from war devastation.

We have already seen it, the complete destruction of Iraq and many other countries that are in the loop of American particularly interests. However, despite this agenda, the last Speech from Mr. President Donald Trump about the American crisis with Iran, gives light to an obscure and intrusive agenda in the Middle East. Fortunately the statement was straightforward and politically and ethical correct:

“We are going to impose economic sanctions” and “we must make a deal reinforcing and highlighting the importance of Diplomacy instead of threats, of respect to national sovereignty instead of the external imposition of rules, to global empathy instead of aggressive isolationism.

Peace and not war with Iran, maybe a cold war but definitely statement from Pres. Trump shows common sense, leadership and political will to contribute to Middle East stability. As well as Iran´s attack that was proportional and fair. -taking into account that American operation to murder General Soleimani was totally out of any legal, international or ethical consideration-.

The role of NATO was not respected and the supremacy of US instead of using it for delivering more guarantees exposure arbitrary actions that cancel any attempt for stability not even within the allies’ coalition. Is it so that the withdrawal of American military troops from Middle East supposes –no doubts- a smart decision but only if it is preceded by a responsible action that fulfils the space left. Coordination, mediation and facilitation of peace processes are the true goals for any foreign presence in the Middle East, particularly for NATO.

Decades of American status quo in the region or, better said, of growing ineffective and counterproductive action of fighting the pseudo called “terrorism” have left the idea that US is the real actor and axis of power, but is it just a foreign that needs to move beyond “withdrawal” or/and “military responses”. Lets hope that this new chapter opens minds and hearts towards creative solutions that end with the status quo of military action.

A global world demands global peace and global accountable drivers to peace, within a high level of empowerment that allows each country/region to decide their own fate. Global goals will only become sustainable if there is a strong awareness of the need to respect national culture, religion and sovereignty.

Any kind of external intervention has to be done under a multicultural approach and a steady dialogue and rapport from the real actors.

Building peace from within…from each Middle East country within global rules.


Mother Nature by Lorenzo Quinn




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