Gun control… or something more radical?

After another shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio we must place the debate where it truly matters –without manipulation from public or/and private interests-and reflect about the correct steps that must be taken to stop mass shootings from a very early stage.

I was surprised to hear President Donald Trump reaction after the shootings, as it was as positive as contradictory with his real action. For the first time Mr. Trump mentioned the burdens for American cultural change*: “our Nation must condemn racist hate, bigotry and white supremacy, these ideologies must be defeated by identifying mass shooters” and search for early warning signs, with specific reference to the devastated glorification of violence on video games, social media by reforming mental health laws -to identify mental disturb individuals-, coordinated action with local institutions, etc.

Cultural change is indeed a fact that the American society is not making a deep debate on it, instead, they are submerged into an empty debate that gets nowhere: gun control as the only axis for all solutions. However, when there is a no responsive system –many of the shooters have been identified before as dangerous-, the disturbing culture of “glorification of violence”, mental illness and no control over the messages sent by social media, video games, etc. or even Mr. President Trump own confrontational and aggressive messages that are feeding hate instead of calling to Union, we finally get an apocalyptic stage.

Lets imagine for a second that everything its about gun ownership, maybe if they were a complete ban of guns they will be less murders?, yes, but it is really the answer for eradicate mass shootings? I truly hesitate that mass shootings are spontaneous acts of hate, not coordinated and coming from “people that buy arms”. Millions of people in America and around the world buy arms and not because of this fact they are willing to commit mass murders. Racism or racial cleansing comes from agendas, determined, organized and are historically tied up with American history. Not in vain the Ku Klux Klan was one born in America and US holds the embarrassing position of being the 1st country in the world in mass shootings in this year.

However is it not the general perception and even for those that agree that there is a hidden agenda behind they associate it with political reasons. Just to give a personal example: once I have established my position after the shootings, I received a comment in my blog in which they said, “mass shootings are part of an strategy against socialism”.  Is not only a statement that I do not agree with but also is a way to see all violence in America as political reasons instead of a growing culture on violence that moves beyond the arms industry.

I agree that there is much more behind, but not in terms of liberalism-socialism, this old debate distracts for what is really important and is preventing to take action when is needed. America is not what used to be but these challenges comes from the same threats:  racism, hidden and obscure hatred agendas and biased institutions, that includes intelligence services that in many cases were aware of the peril but surprisingly they have not acted. I strongly believe that ban guns will not put an end to mass shootings, is it true that its extremely needed as a matter of responsibility but specifically in relation to mass murders it would not make much difference because they are part of an agenda and not isolated acts.

In addition, it accounts for a tiny proportion of gun deaths: see the chart that exposure that suicides are the leading cause.

Ban guns will deliver the same results as Prohibition of alcohol in 1920: none , as the specific goals from mass shooters will grow in anger and dimension. When a society becomes so aggressive and hate becomes the rule, we need to address cultural change and embrace a goal in peace and coexistence with strength but “measured and timing” ambitious. It will not be resolved in the short-term but must deploy all resources to make institutions work on a coordinated and immediate action. Even what President Trump have said that it’s much in line with this thoughts, his message is based on confrontation as with Mexico wall or aggressive policies against migration. I am sure there are better mechanisms to control migration instead of a steadily feeding hate.

Lets think again on the hypothetical scenario of a complete ban of guns for individuals, is it possible that a hater, drugged, mental sick young hold one and implement a mass shootings? Certainly does there is a strong possibility that even within a ban it would get an arm and perpetrate a tragedy under the power of an obscure agenda.

This is the point of starting of our reflection that makes the difference: is it guns that boost violence or it’s a hidden agenda based on racism and obscure goals that boost violence? Its Trump´s philosophy that boost more violence? or a conciliatory message towards supremacists that allows more unsafely?

Removing the mask created by Government-Media-Social Media means change and old culture based on racism. Seeing reality from the big picture, assessing each mass shootings as part of a hidden agenda not necessary responses to crises migration, insecurity, arms-, but and in-depth institutional crisis.

Libertarian movements does not necessary arise for the conviction of a minimalist State as the panacea for well-being but as a response because of the inefficiency of current institutions and a lack of leadership that is driven the society into chaos.

There is a strong break of confidence in institutions and certainly it is a sign of a failed democracy. Under these circumstances violence is guaranteed.     

Gun control is not enough and is not the solution for American disease on hate but something more radical as:.change institutions, reshaping internal mechanisms and controlling Media messages because is it here where relies the violence. A crisis on hate and racism that has not been addressed on time and is the society the one that is suffering the consequences.

America, remove your mask…..

3 thoughts on “Gun control… or something more radical?

  1. You keep bringing up “racism” yet most mass shootings are Black on Black (using current DoJ criteria for “mass shootings”) or White on whomever, but mostly White. Those that are based upon some sort of ethnic angst are more likely to be Muslim on Infidel.


    1. Thanks for your comment @jonolan, its always an enriched exercise to keep the debate lively, its true I keep “racism” as a key aspect not because of “black issue” but in general terms, against Mexicans for instance, its also about racism as it is against Latins. I use it in a wider sense.


      1. That’s all well and good, but it’s largely irrelevant in the context of “mass shootings” – got to quote that phrase since there’s more than one definition. Race, Religion, etc are rarely the motivating force in these situations. Anything and everything ELSE seems to be though.


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