Sustainability: in the search of inspiration

Pollution, corruption, hostility, indifference, ignorance and a long etc.. How difficult is to get inspired in current times, particularly polluted by the darkness of ignorance. But… do we really need external motivation to get inspired? Or just “swimming” in our inner strength?

They are not easy answers and its mystery become more challenging when tragedies become a source of inspiration and happy moments only a “furtive glance” of an idealistic and static view of life.

Places, people, books, landscapes are not inspirational by itself but from the attitude, feeling and passion that we assign to them. Otherwise it will be a childish expectation that, what we do not find inside, will be delivered from outside.

Is it also true that is our responsibility to create the spaces and resources that boost well-being and a creative atmosphere. Innovative and sustainable architecture is the tool, the rest comes from awareness by a solid Education –for kids and adults- that builds the roots to appreciate and maximize the potential of this new way of living. Keeping an open mind is an attitude but also a learning process.

Re-design cities by avoiding pollution, living and working within green spaces and a clean air it’s an imperative for the next decades that comes from re-design the Education system. Educating present and future generations in the art of searching for their own potential and how to deliver their outcome to the world.

Traditional systems are creating for building an axis around them instead of creating the space that allows individuals to build there own systems according to their needs. Our needs are related to the evolution of the planet but also of our own feelings towards those changes, shaping new behaviors and relationships. Is for this main reason that current structures are not delivering solutions and has become not trustworthy, specially the political sector- .

Stagnation and rigid rules for a world in a permanent state of change builds a framework of uncertainty and the cancellation of all creativity. Definitely not an enriched atmosphere that becomes even more challenging for those minds that looks for getting inspired from their surroundings. Current chaotic world demands more innovation in the sense of creating something completely new from resources that comes from within and works as responses to crises. A substantial difference from the past in which reliable and responsive structures become an inspiration by itself.

Inspiration is that magic key that open doors of the impossible and turn them into tangible projects. So, where relies our inspiration through a threaten reality? From within, from the light that deliver the darkness of crises and the empowered feeling that comes from a disempowered position within a weak system. Searching from our own resources from holistic perspectives is what will deliver a kaleidoscope of a sustainable living without waiting for inspirational leaders as in the past. We must be leaders of our destiny and not wait for new icons of innovation. A new stage of the planet demands a new leadership based on individuals as the epicenter for reforms and not “super leaders” unable to deliver solutions. The complexity and interconnection of global crises demands a new role from global leaders in which they give shape to projects not to lead them by their own but to work as catalysers of the process. A steady accountability is absolutely necessary to make sure that leaders facilitate process and not manipulate them.

The enlightenment of inspiration doesn’t come from big leaders but big people that with wisdom and strength will search for solutions on a joint action basis.

A mystery to be discovered… just explore, get inspired and make it sustainable!

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