EU elections results: a colorful landscape with just one obscure line

These Elections has been absolutely different from all we know about European history and the citizenship has also been aware of that, to the point that it has the highest voter turnout: 50,5%. There were huge concerns and the people vote with anxiety pressing by Brexit, Salvini´s projections and Le Pen Islamophobia, among others. Despite all the “good marketization” from Nationalist leaders and the reality of an institution in crisis, there was fear that an extremist project would finally seized power.

Indeed, the own existence of the European Union was at stake and happily people got it and act by sending a clear message: NO to an anti-European project. As threaten as this: a truly project to destroy the Union coming from hidden interests. Lets make it clear, all Nationalist groups exists because of a strong investment from not clear sources but clear goals in terms of putting up financial barriers or/and weakened the power that the EU holds. The most surprising aspect is that groups that are trying to destroy the Union are the ones that hold representation inside the Parliament, which creates an anachronistic stage. Is not logical to pay salaries for representatives within European organisms that do not believe in the Union. Their role is about boycotting the Parliament and distracts the attention from what is really important: reforms and a new approach towards an even closer Union. 

The Parliament is meant to be a place for debate on policies, focus, practices, etc. under a unique and pacifically accepted philosophy based on joint action and trust. Is simply not logical to select leaders that seed confrontation by dominating the debate, instead of searching for solid strategies that leads the “European boat” towards new and resilient destinies. Instead, long and useless debate about the own existence of the Union are gaining power and promise to be the absurd challenge for the next years. Is this weird stage that makes me reflect about the new role and relations of the diverse leaders that enter into this colorful stage. Starting with a strong presence from the Green´s that are an independent group but represents the goals of most of the rest of the groups on perfect synchrony.

The exiled Carles Puigdemont, a recognized Catalan Nationalist that is showing full support to the Union, -as a difference from Nigel Farage- he believes on an Independent project although inside Europe and within global goals. Is not incompatible and exposure the difference among Nationalism and anti-European positions. Farage’s idea of becoming a Euro Parliament its only to attack the structure from within. Puigdemont´ idea is to consolidate his political goals within the strength that delivers the Union. Silvio Berlusconi is another example of the need to search for innovative political forces; despite all his scandals and pending Justice causes, he has always supported Europe, so now, he becomes a key point of balance for Italy´s growing anger on Nationalism.A matter of counterbalance forces.

That is the critical stage that we get into, an emergency call to gather around the heart of Europe in its philosophy, and in practical terms, to reform, reshape and leaving behind an old economic-financial focus based on Merkel´s mistaken idea of austerity as the source of all prosperity. The Election represents a turning point to wake up to new codes of political relationship, breaking with the traditional and grey ideological blocks and seeing only one: a colorful pro-Europe. That´s the new ideology.

After these results we hope that all Parliaments will show respect for the citizens that on a clear and determined action they decided that the planet, the European Union and, in the end, a global focus are their priorities.

Lets focus on colours, not the isolated obscure line….

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