European elections 2019: searching for just one yellow star…

Is in fact the main question and I should say, the main goal of this elections. Moving beyond ideologies and searching for a stronger, although diverse Europe. Europe is not the same as before and these elections are not a choice between liberal, social-democrats, left-wing, etc. but of the own preservation of the Unity, not necessarily its structure. The defence of that first attempt of contract of Nations towards a Union: the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992. That is the spirit to defend right now, not as the Treaty of Rome that was a consequence of war, actually, crises should not be the leading focus for the European Union but joint action and political Union that delivers a common “language” in terms of market and philosophy.
Not nuances but colours, within a new blue and a unique yellow star.
The existence of different ideologies should be submitted to just different approaches, not confrontation. The own existence of the Union is under threat, is it so that stability and political approaches are not the issue, but a results driven approach of joint action that delivers solutions in the short-term. But…nationalism is an ideology, isn’t it? Seems to be very popular, precisely because of current crises, feeding by hidden interests and spreading an isolation message by irresponsible leaders. Its important to take into account that nationalist movements are not the same, Brexit is anti-Europe but Catalonia claim for independence is not. In fact there is a recent sentence from a Spanish Tribunal that allows former Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont -currently on exile- to present their candidacy to the elections. So, is it nationalism the challenge ahead? Or the rescue of the Union spirit by preventing leaders from spreading a fake message? Is it truly nationalism or private interests disguised by isolationism controlling by a powerful Media in charge of sending an effective message based on hate and fear against an “even closer Union”? The challenge is not to break Europe on its philosophical principles but on its legal barriers that may be an attack to big profitable business. For example, in 2017, UK exports to the EU were £274 billion (44% of all UK exports). * This data confirms that British nationalism cannot be based on profits for UK but on private interests that see on the European Union a boundary for their goals.

We also need to see that current “arch” is not delivering an effective approach to the citizenship on credibility and reliability. Reforms are strongly needed and decentralisation becomes that key part to be tackled. Current structure is centralised on Brussels. The relationship and feeling creating on the citizens is precisely that: one focus, but not one united vision. Is not an inclusive focus mainly because there have not been reforms at national level. If we search for a European identity we need also to be focused on reforms of national sovereignty. Is precisely there that relies one of the obstacles: we cannot move forward if there is an spirit of competition and rivalry instead of generosity and loyalty at institutional level. Union comes from national reforms, not the other way round. The contribution that European Union would do to this process of change -that is entirely responsibility of each country- is by a decentralisation focus in which each national representation office plays a key role on advocacy and connection with citizens. What we hold right now is just representation from Brussels, not active centers for information and representation of citizen´s concerns and demands. The achievement of this goal maybe, is not easy, but definitely it’s the best way to “kill” any attempt to destroy the philosophy of an European joint action.

For a smart vote: do not vote against nationalism but for a constructive and reformed European Union.
Vote for innovation, for new leaders, for old leaders with new ideas or just vote, because voting in next European elections means the conviction of being part of an European consolidated project.

Just one yellow star.….



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