Catalonia: the wildcard of Spain Elections 2019

Indeed! The political debate is not based on solutions but ignoring a vast majority of Catalans that now accounts for 48,4% for the Independence and 78.7% for a referendum of self-determination. Even if these are recent results it constitutes a trend that has been a value on the rise, what forces us to look for solutions through Constitutional reforms that help to sustain a truly democracy: a legitimated will -not exactly legal- of their citizens.

Is it so that there is a strong will from Catalans that comes from: corruption, Monarchy, institutions ‘weakness and global financial crisis-that supposed an impact of difficult recovery for the Central Government although, not for the region- Its pretty clear that there is an important disparity among the management of one and the other. Even that, after the crisis generated by this independent movement, these aspects are radically different.. However, on the financial aspect and as a result of a clumsy and troubled marked by political prisioners and exiled, finally it has negatively impacted the region by a veil of uncertainty highly threaten for future perspectives. A simplest conclusion is that this situation is the result of the Reformist movement, but is not.

 It´s precisely the defense of region´s interests that has lead them to be even more determined on their convictions.  

Is it not Nationalism as Brexit, US or multiple movements around the world, but a reaction to a weak Central Government, an indifferent Monarchy and a tainted   Justice´s system. All of that reinforce the idea of “the Independence” as a way to rescue themselves from a system stained by corruption and bad public management  

Instead of conciliation, negotiation, dialogue or international Mediation, the Spanish Nationalism gain power with political prisoners, exiled, threat of mayor interventions with art. 155, and also police repressions. Above all, a far right message that moves away from a democratic atmosphere and healthy debate that take into account the needs from a majority of citizens, not only in the region but in other parts of the country, as Basque Country.

Political groups as VOX or even those that paradoxically defines themselves as “centrists” as the case of Ciudadanos, have adopted an old and wire political position of NO to dialogue, NO to the search of alternatives, therefore, more and more extremists.

Ciudadanos, lead by Albert Rivera gets to a point of radicalization of their message that there political positioning as “Constitutionalists” and propose a mandatory school subject “Spanish Constitution”. A truly absurdity under the light of a pro- Europe, global, therefore pro-inclusion in terms of political groups that demand a reshape of national sovereignty. Not the reinforcement of current one or, even better a turn back the clock of a rusty patriotic model of democracy in which a document, not a value is on stage. Its about defending Rule of Law and not the Constitution. Its about Educating on democratic values that allows coexistence of all ideologies according to citizenship´s preferences and not an “immutable” document that does not allows reforms.

The own terminology used by “Constitutionalists” in a historical moment of progress in which European leaders are calling for reforms, renew and reshape of traditional concept of sovereignty, supposes a total out of phase political attitude Is not a coincide that Ciudadanos has agreed to rule Andalusia with radical VOX in the last elections.

This situation exposure clearly that Spanish Nationalism is the real obstacle and not the Catalan Nationalism.

Whereas groups as VOX define integration and multiculturalism as an “impossible salad”, Catalans call for international Mediation and negotiation.

Spanish Nationalism not even represent the 30% of the total population, but an aggressive use of Media as well as a robust mobilization makes them look as more than they really are by launching a confuse message.

The pillars that identify the so-called Spanish Nationalism: Catholic religion, Monarchy, bulls in averages:

Only 9.5% of the population are interested in bullfighting festivals

60% declare being Catholic but not go to religious services and only

a 24% say that if the Monarchy would be abolished there will be a negative impact.

Just the fact that President Pedro Sanchez, leader of the Socialist Party lead the polls, shows that a message of reconciliation and search for alternatives prevails over Nationalism  and a turning back the clock to traditions and not updated models of patriotism and sovereignty. Which gains power the idea of the Catalan crisis as the turning point for a reshape of national sovereignty.

Is not logical to believe on a pro –Europe, pro-global, advanced society within more repression to the Catalan movement and increasingly citizens that  subscribe to the idea of a State reform.

The own Socialist Party is visible limited on their assumptions and attempt to dialogue, negotiation or simply meetings to assign more sovereignty to the Catalan community is considered “national humiliation” and weakness from opposition leaders as Albert Rivera or the also radical on the Catalan crisis Santiago Abascal from VOX. So, without proposals there is only the wayout of intervention by application of art. 155, therefore, ignoring the will from a majority of citizens-including those no Catalans that do not see on Constitutional reforms a threat -Which supposes more frustration and aggression for undermining a democratic right to claim for legal reforms.

One of the most inconsistent argumentations against reforms in Catalonia are based on “contagious to other regions” and the use of “yellow ribbons”. The latest a truly attack against democracy, to the point to remove them from public spaces under the presence of the Media and from their leaders. That at the same time and contradictory they define themselves as “centrist-reformists” and all for coexistence by keeping the same status quo that is clearly unsustainable. This type of utopia and fear that other Spanish regions, as the Basque Country search for reforms, when they have already expressed their solidarity with the Catalan population that not supposes proposals but simple reactionary attitudes that do not deliver to a process that demands immediate solutions and in the long term.The idea of intervention by art. 155 as the only solution supposes repression practices that is only sustainable in the short term, ignoring a reality that is shouting-literally-for changes.  

Catalonia is a challenge that demands solutions and not an “electoral wildcard”.

Looking beyond partisan interests….

  • Catalonia: Nationalism or against Spanish Nationalism?

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