Landing on green politics….

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In times of scarcity, basic resources as water or land become engines of confrontation, therefore war targets. At least that is the stage for the next decades. Our current mission is to prevent conflicts and make sure that there is a fair and equal distribution.

Which is the pillar that is failing the most to achieve the ambitious goal of a global power of balance? Citizen´s activism, mobilisation from civil society, passivity from global institutions, ineffectiveness and excess of bureaucracy from humanitarian aid organisations? Politics is the answer; there is not a solid aim for “being green” and “greening” structures towards Sustainability. Too much focused on top down strategies they make of gaining votes they main goal, having as a result the achievement of short-term goals coming from the private sector or nationalist goals from biased interests as part of an unfocused and distorted vision of a de-globalisation world. More than ever bottom up initiatives are paramount and the political sector a pillar for bringing citizens and their ideas into an innovative stage of almost direct democracy. Citizens as truly actors in the political decision-making processes not just represented by politicians

In the near future the origin of big scale conflicts will be based only on natural resources as water, gas, cobalt, etc. which forecast wars not only for the “power itself” but also from a sense of surviving. Defending sources for basic standards of living will be the challenge and drama for the next generations not exactly from a financial perspective. Scarcity brings war and that is why politics need to transform itself towards a balance relation with the citizens and the rest of the pillars: social-economic and environmental.

Is this a new concept of Social Corporate Responsibility? No, its about innovative and holistic approaches that transforms global structures, not just corporations with good intentions towards the society. Commitment towards “greening politics” comes from all institutions on a coordinated framework that allows them to perform on equal basis and focused goals. The political sector is it just one of the pillars but certainly, the leading one.

The existence of Green political parties establishes with certainty that there is not a clear idea of what means “ecological politics”. All political parties must be green to become truly drivers for change towards sustainability. If not there are just environmental projects within local impact at small scale. We need global impact at big scale.

 The holistic approach that we need to address crises is the one able to conciliate and negotiate positions within a different and innovative political leadership. Current one is based on marketisation and almost no accountability, paradoxically in times that a fully and steady rapport from citizens should be the basis for any strategy.

An old-fashioned way of doing politics it’s being a truly fossil fuel that is undermining our capacity to innovate and search for solutions that in the end, it just represent a new distribution of power.

Politics that deliver balance means, above all, an integrated economic-political-social-environmental approach. However, we move through stagnated compartments; politics, social, economic, environmental, etc. fighting against each other without getting into positive results.

Greening politics it’s about “cleaning” the political sector and make it transparent and accessible to all citizens. If we still think that this integration its part of socialist policies we are going to lose an essential element represented by innovation and creativity; in which commitment: State-citizens-political leaders works as a link to all the fields. Even under a libertarian perspective of a minimal State, within crises it needs to be reshaped without losing the role of coordinator. Avoiding positions of denial –as with climate change challenge- that is driven politics into a deadlock of ignorance and indifference, therefore ineffectiveness towards resilience.

Transparency and accountability for political leaders and innovation and openness for the political structure… greening –cleaning- the political sector towards higher and long-term goals on Sustainability.

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