AWARE, ALERT, ACTIVE: the new skin for a global citizen

Despite Theresa May idea that: “if you believe you are a citizen of the world you are a citizen of nowhere”, free movement of people and a flexible labor market makes of a traditional citizen a “global creature” driven by their personal needs but also by the needs of the market.

A powerful tech era of 4th industrial revolution cannot allow holding national citizens but only citizens that want to be nationals. Global citizens are the new nature for a resilient position towards a sustainable and interconnected world.

Individual freedom should be the only guiding principle and the spirit for living under current global standards. Is key to call up all the actors to a global stage to debate about expectations and negotiating positions. Making of the vertical relation: institutions-citizens a game changer towards innovation and fluid movement of information and  exchange.

A “new skin” supposes resilience and flexibility particularly within a global crisis of migration. Its clear that institutions must change accordingly, adapting to new challenges as well as to make of their structures a channel that allows initiatives from individual citizens.

But how do we link a free movement of people and crises that demands protection of national interests? A huge income inequality across continents transforms the ambitious goal of “being 100% global” into a very complex issue to address within crises. Is it not just about defending national sovereignty but also not to overflow national capacities. So, the real challenge is to establish measures that keep the balance without undermining freedom.

The fact is that we cannot be free if we are not equal. Is it here when this “financial globalisation” faces its first clash. We get used to globalisation in terms of corporations –capital- but not within a citizenship´ framework. We are global but not from within, just for global standards of living, buying and connecting. Indeed, tech transforms us into global citizens, we are aware of what is happening in any part of the world in seconds and that is the amazing result that globalization delivers: individual citizens as a counterbalance for human rights violations or/and truly controllers of the fulfillment of healthy democratic standards.

Venezuela´s crisis is an example that its possible, but we need to establish rules and limitations, particularly ethical, in terms of the reliability of the sources. Maduro´s argumentations against the international community´s reaction are valid only if we see it through “global eyes”, which means being accountable to the community. Insisting on national sovereignty is his only excuse for avoiding responsibility under the idea that any foreign control its part of conspiracy plans and not coming from the sovereign will of the citizens. Is it true, US presence is uneasy and holds a biased plan, however, political prisoners, abuse of power and the need of humanitarian aid makes of his Administration a target to observe and analyze for the rest of the world.

That is the magic that we need to rescue: transparency…but at global level. Global ethical standards that transforms social media and any action into a fair and reliable cause, not at the service of biased interests.

It’s a must to change national sovereignty concept into a new flexible and open framework that delivers local solutions from a global perspective. Nations should not be isolated for becoming resilient but part of a global, intimate and coordinated system.

In the end, what is a global citizen? Individuals that despite having been born and raised in one Nation, they want to exercise their individual freedom and explore, study, work and move from one country to other without almost no restrictions contributing with their knowledge, information and work to the growth of each host country.

What is preventing citizens to act? Mainly because of old traditions that makes of top down hierarchical structures a burden for an empowered citizenship within weak transparency and accountability processes under the lead of opportunist politicians. The own resistance to change and face an uncertain reality prevents them to act and demand a new model. So, the result is simple: citizens voting political representatives and not individuals that lead their own destiny.

Is it all about bottom up initiatives? Maybe not, but clearly it’s a must to be addressed in order to make of citizens real actors and not just voters. Being aware, empowered, alert, and active within creative ideas coming from ethical and fair information sources. Transforming citizens into change makers. An attitude of strength, without fear and on a joint action basis.

To change the skin of a global citizen we also need to measure tools and mechanisms and build a new attitude towards a fearless change process. Its extremely important to feel empowered to become an influencer in current chaotic stage of crises and above all aware of the need to act, not just wait for changes.

A boost of creativity become key to deliver solutions from an institutional framework enough open and flexible that allows holistic and democratic approaches. Is not happening, actually the system is extremely hierarchical and does not allow –and expect- initiatives coming from individuals. Maybe the main reason for current political chaos of no accountability and transparency: not awareness, passive attitude and inaction from the citizenship.

Change your skin, you´re a GLOBAL CITIZEN!!

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