A green environment by bottom up initiatives?

Sculpture “The caring hand”, Eva Oerti y Beat Huber, Glarus Switzerland

Mozart very first Symphony has been written at the age of 8 -9 years old, a demonstration that for building masterpieces we must listen and build through the eyes of kids, but mostly important: learning from them, from their open, multicultural focus of relations and flexible approaches. Making of Sustainability an almost “kids game” its part of a new focus in the sense that we need to boost better and more Education for future and present generations. In which innovation, creativity and the “naïve” dream of a Sustainable world become a reality.

When the world collapses in front of your eyes, filling the gaps by the warmness and freshness of a kid´s perspective.

A boost on Education based on innovation and creativity, for a new world within new frameworks and above all focused on the people, not on preconceived structures. Is not part of a populist idea but of a reaction as a result of current stage of uncontrollable crises that makes us reflect about the extreme and harmful action of traditional structures that is claiming for a change from active citizens.

The only way to fight backs a tyrannical relationship with a rusty political sector and biased leaders. We cannot avoid the war of financial private interests but we could make changes in order to become resilient.

Tech, individual will and social media makes it possible if we work on a joint action basis. We underestimate our capacity of influence and we lost control of the real impact of our opinions. Submerged on “likes” and “followers” we are not aware of how much relevance our opinions are and how much changes may be occurred.

As the sculpture, -and a strong difference from past decades- is not nature that marks our path for transformation but humans leading a process of protection and preservation. On the last century the stress was on an intrusive performance without measuring the consequences, living the protection to the environment to those idealists with a special care for a green life.

That’s the reason that “green political parties”are just that: parties with a specific goal, not an essential part of any political party with a commitment with the planet. Is sad to see the opportunities that the planet has lost allowing unnecessary and abusive intrusion from the private sector as well as the apathy from the public sector for strong sanctions.

We were not educated on protection to the environment and now we are paying the consequences by not choosing the correct leaders. That is also a matter of a smart and responsible citizenship, not necessary part of top down decisions. Is not precisely the public sector the one in charge of raising awareness but the will from citizens that, by feeling empowered they delegate on their representatives the task of building a sustainable frame of living.

Now, should we change the approach, making of bottom up initiatives a source of all solutions for a complete change of the system? Or we just need to delegate on political leaders? The question is not easy and face many contradictions, particularly because traditions have told us that top down hierarchies rules the world and we are not allow to change it except if they decide it to do so.

The feeling of not being empowered prevent for a change and only leads towards passive citizens that await changes from global institutions. Its important to change this subjective view and enter into a resilient road of taking the lead by steps that tend to make of green policies a rule submitted to a steady transparent and accountable screening process.

The goal of a complete reform of the system is in our hands if we just been able to change ourselves in terms of perceptions and approaches towards the political sector and the global institutional structure. Bottom up initiatives comes first from a change of attitude by being:

Active, aware and alert

* Innovation for Education or Education on Innovation?




*The subjective view from citizens based on negative feelings not results-driven approaches.


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