The subjective view from citizens based on negative feelings not results-driven approaches.

One of the most striking and challenging aspects for moving forward in a world of destruction is our own feeling towards crises. Feelings of fear, threat, hate, anger, etc. are just reactions towards instability and uncertainty rather than a moderate analysis that drives into tangible new models of living.

“Toxic relationships” are flooding the civil society in which new political movements are pretending to build innovative relationships with citizens. Even if it supposes to address the very essence of what means being resilient in times of crises, it does not deliver solutions -most recent failure of Brexit process confirms this aspect-.

Current political leaders have understood that negative feelings instead of constructive ones work positively for their campaigns. An unethical strategy from which we have several examples; –financial crisis, Brexit, climate change,migration, etc.- creating an environment of multiple defenses rather than multiple strategies based on action.

During crises, citizen´s vote is dominated by negative and defensive feelings that lead them to not well-analyzed conclusions.

In the case of Brexit failure process it is not only about negotiations but also of the own model that is not able to deliver solutions. Current chaotic stage is not the results of a “bad deal” but of not having an alternative efficient model to implement it. At electoral level it has achieved positive results but then when the people look at the consequences -without anger and fear- they see that is not precisely getting out of the EU the solution that will deliver safety and prosperity.

In the case of Catalonia crisis: in both sides of the conflict there are feelings of hate and fear. A legitimated claim for Independence and Constitutional reform become a battlefield of aggressions that doesn’t allow seeing the solution without a subjective perspective. Opposition leaders fiercely attack Catalans leaders –some of them in exile, in prison or under threat- without room for Negotiation; ignoring the will from a majority of citizens and denying the democratic right for a Constitutional reform. Both parts are “looking above” moving by rejection instead of will for a positive and pacific change. To settle this long battle for Independence there should be an objective view instead of constant offences that radically reduces the possibilities for dialogue within a generous attitude.

Negative feelings instead of results-driven approaches.

An anarchic scenario of hate and fear that work with feelings rather than a results-driven focus strictly based on deliver solutions within tangible models. That is current Spanish political stage, the same as any Nation or individual that makes of personal passion the only way-out for conflict resolution.

A truly lack of professionalism and a mistaken idea of a political leadership focused on subjective and no tangible views.

This is not just for Nationalisms or excess of populism but a robust attitude towards the political sector, therefore preventing the citizenship to vote according to their feelings rather than models of sustainability.

This subjective attitude drives the population towards a vote based on feelings not an act of trust on their leaders. Lack of confidence and incapacity to change the system is what generates more extremism in ideological and action terms. Indeed, citizens feel disempowered and transform political leaders into “saviors of the fatherland”.

As the digital sculpture citizens are looking up, ignoring the root causes of each crisis having as a result a loss of vision of their own power to change leaders and the system as a whole.

Rebuilding resilience in a world of destruction represents looking above with determination and achievable new models, not negative feelings at the service of no tangible models. Also looking down to the roots causes of crises through strong accountability processes -including political leadership crisis-.

More than ever we need to search for holistic “glances” towards a chaotic political stage for tackling crises from a results-driven focus not only from the passion that delivers a good political marketization.

Looking above…and beyond.

*Digital sculpture “Puente”, AdamMartinakis

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