For a green world we need a blue planet

Blue earth by Yves Klein

Blue is the only color that makes of sky, water and mountains one with nature; this is why a green world needs to be blue.

Blue is it also the color of our blog; by writing we aim to paint with blue a grey landscape of destruction, suffering and the fall down of the environment. We strongly believe that to keep a clean and colorful rainbow we need the power of a resilient blue.

Painting with open and democratic colors a world in black and white that progressively and without control is entering into a grey color that symbolizes mediocrity and ineffectiveness from global institutions, pseudo leaders and the breakdown of the political sector.

A catastrophic -almost apocalyptic- view of a world that is seeing its own destruction with surprise, pain, desperation and sometimes indifference and ignorance. Dark glances coming from narrow-minded people that see on crises fear and threat instead of an opportunity for a change of the system.

Current stage of chaos of the planet is sketched by institutions and leaders performing as separated balloons without direction and awareness of their vulnerability. More than ever we need solid holistic approaches and connections from all layers and actors of the society.

A grey landscape demands a blue vision not the short termism of being indifferent, almost blind to a dark framework of instability.

Courage and sense of solidarity is that anchor to the earth that print with blue “senses” an homogeneous landscape materialized on a “black sky” of pollution. It reminds us that we desperately need a blue sky of new projects based on innovation and creativity.

Usually associate it with hope and well being blue is the color of a new planet coming from old mixtures but printed with the tones of an innovative blue. Klein understood it clearly by creating a very special one: the International Klein Blue, although with the generosity of contributing to the birth of a new rainbow.

As the mystery of Klein´s blue, sustainability comes from the magic that delivers innovation and creativity from all actors. Making of resilience a work of individuals that paint with new colors a homogenous world of grey nuances and dark shadows.  A new color accessible to all, in which stability its built through joint action and colorful ideas that turn into action innovative global policies coming from a new wave of doing politics.

Citizens have never had a better opportunity for a prominent role in reforming the system by reshaping institutions, selecting new type of leaders and finally achieve a change of global dimensions.

Painting the planet with a new color by the work of all actors in the society, inclusiveness is key for achieving the correct nuances of a color based on old tones but with a brand new light.

Learning from Klein on how to build a new rainbow in which each color embraces the passion that delivers each citizen within a determined will to make a difference in a world that desperately needs creative minds, open policies, free movement and ethical connections. 

Don’t underestimate the simple desire of changing old traditions and ineffective codes of living.

Sketch your new color for a better world ……its possible!

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