Triggering a new global order without US


Humanity gets used to have US as the main leader; it was not until after a steady chaotic military action in Middle East and the world financial crisis of 2007 that the world realize that the axis of power is moving and alternative pillars as BRICS and the European Union are becoming the real hope for leading sustainable policies. This stage become more evident by the election of Trump, with which the Americans exposure an isolationist agenda –climate change action, migration, withdraw from global institutions, unilateral sanctions, etc.- including a complete contradiction for what US has always been identified: “ the land of the Free”

Currently US Administration is submerged into a contradictory political path of delivering both isolationist and interventionist actions. However, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should respect those decisions that impose rules above a legal framework, agreements or/and global institutions rules.

Sanctions to Iran or Turkey -for supporting Iran- are some of the acts that exposures the will from US to continue with a status quo only beneficial for their interests, on an attempt to keep a power that doesn’t hold anymore as it has been proven to be ineffective at time to build global peace and deliver stability to Middle East. Instead, biased private interests transformed their policies into anarchic decisions that make US an unreliable partner for leading the world.

It definitely supposes a loss on global leadership.

Is it true, all Nations have the right to take political decisions according to their own agenda, including those that see on isolationist strategies their solution for their national crises. American citizens seems to walk towards a complete independent position, however without being aware of its consequences in terms of trust, partnership and impact with citizens and leaders from the rest of the world.

Institutions as the European Union, United Nations, BRICS and all leaders willing to make a change of the system should continue exploring the creation of a new axis of power through innovative international relations without US.

No country or global institution should accept a tyrannical power of imposing rules that had nothing to do with the strategic focus of a global vision, in addition to ignore international agreements and the respect to countries that fulfill its terms. Iran has shown enough capacity for Diplomacy and Negotiation and is fulfilling the nuclear agreement in all its terms in exchange of establishing good commercial relations. Is in this context that has acquired full rights to trade with members of the agreement as well as the rest of countries to trade with Iran on a total legitimated basis.

US cannot -under any circumstance- boycott an agreement between a country and a global institution as the European Union just because it doesn’t fit in its own biased interests. If American agenda is isolationist, it cannot become more interventionist than ever. The sanctions impose to countries that support Iran as its happening with Turkey -in a particular historical momentum of financial crisis that needs support from global institutions-, is a political gesture totally unacceptable specially for conditioning trade relations that are out of their scope of legal legitimation. Impacting negatively other economies and the own political will of each country which is a flagrant violation of national sovereignties.

A new axis of power is needed not only for counterbalancing US contradictions but to deliver solutions accordingly to SDGs and within a common goal of searching for a resilient way-out for current crises. In which Diplomacy and Negotiation within strong institutions and innovative leaders are the main pillars for establishing a common ground of stable international relations.

Iran, Turkey or Palestine are not enemies of US and American intervention, -preventing balanced international relations and at the same time withdrawing from global agreements- does not represent the defense for American citizens despite Donald Trump´s assertion that “the world is most peaceful and most prosperous when America is strongest”. It marks the end of American leadership and their capacity for leading with global crises.

 Searching for alternatives for a new axis of balanced and accountable-power….




*Sculpture: “Stop playing” by Lorenzo Quinn.

One thought on “Triggering a new global order without US

  1. Hi Mar – I enjoyed and agreed with this post, and many of your other posts – thanks for the insights! However, as an English teacher and editor, I sometimes cringe at the grammatical and syntactical errors. I would be glad to help make them more accurate and presentable.


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