Ideologies in crisis? Just common sense.


Once in power ideologies as Socialism, Liberalism, Neoliberalism, etc. have failed on delivering sustainable solutions that prevent from crises.

Current global crises may be associated from national and local institutional and leadership crisis, however if we were among a framework of safety, crises would be reduced and, in the end, solved. Crises are a sign that the global system as a whole is not working as a Catalyzer. Is it not just about global institutions that failed as Mediators but the own counterbalance mechanisms that are inactive and become evident because of a chain reaction that impacts the rest of the planet.

Is it true, even the stronger ideologies in the world are subjected to crises, however not to a global nature and definitely not to a global impact.

Conflicts as Israel-Palestine exposure that there will not be peace -in the sense establishes by SDG16- if there is not a strong international work on Diplomacy to make it happen. Indeed, the imbalanced that this situation generates around the world supposes the need to reshape ideologies and adapt them to the new challenges, working with flexibility and sense of negotiation to get to common goals of stability. Is not a utopia but a tangible reality that demands leadership and vision.

 Venezuela´s political instability exposures that the “flag” of socialism its diverted into the flag of an elite of power. Its hard to believe that Maduro´s Administration –or maybe we could explore the possibility of seeing it as a dictatorial regime- its guaranteeing individual rights and a democratic framework of action. Not only it has taken distance from the essence of socialism in terms of democracy but also the own pursue of socialist principles in terms of inclusiveness and equality. Is fair to defend a strong ideology if its that: strong and solid, not at the service of an elite of power but faithful to their own values and in a harmonic coordination within an international context.

Catalonia´s crisis seems to represent the extreme defense of two ideologies, however there are the same: nationalism. There is no incompatibility and both ideologies have points in common, is it just a matter of a geopolitical re-distribution of power. Independents leaders have shown enough political will for negotiation and to get to a solution exposing that dialogue is the way out and prevails above any ideology: common sense.

Political systems in which only one ideology it’s allowed –even not in the context of a dictatorship- and there is not a balanced vote in Parliament it results in just one focus. It generates what I named “democratic extremism that doesn’t allow to find resilient solutions but the pursue of elite interests. Democracy and the guarantee of individual rights its incompatible to a “one focus” but the capacity of listening and joint efforts towards a common goal, even if it comes from a minority.

Common sense, politically speaking, is the need to search for solutions above ideologies changing the concept of sovereignty without losing national identity. Having international organisations as Catalysers and controllers of those processes.

Israel-Palestine is not a bilateral conflict anymore but a global threat that is not finding the way despite a strong opposition at international level. There is no time for ideologies or “win a war” but to settle conflicts and find solutions even if –we all know- there are irreconcilable differences. Turning the political conflict into a humanitarian conflict.

To change the idea of “winner-loser” into a “win-win” solution that ends now and for ever an outrageous confrontation. Just common sense…. Moving beyond ideologies, in search for sense that delivers a sustainable political system .



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