Educating on advocacy….

27292336_1927243050925238_1369132167_n (1)In the middle of a storm, conflict or crisis, being between two pillars could be a symbol of limitation or just being part of the same and contribute to a better and stronger reality. Joint action makes the difference. As this three pencils that are not exactly the same but together there would achieve the same goal if they just joint and act by becoming a new group.

Those pillars could be represented by the public sector, private interests, education system or just prejudice and ignorance. We move though pillars that tend to limit or undermine our capacity of action under the feeling that are ruling our lives. (Government, social rules, culture, etc.) Is it for this reason that merge with the pillars is essential for building and holistic world within holistic approaches. Even if it represents a hard concession as what supposes “negotiating” with ignorance or prejudice is precisely dialogue and delimitation of spaces that tend to place power in the right direction.

And for getting to that goal a sense of empowerment is a must. We need to educate generations on the power of advocacy and the own responsibility of getting the tools. Is it simply a democracy pattern….

But lets go back to the own roots of Education and the system in itself. Education is about building pillars: student-teacher-method. Students are in the middle of the teacher and their method and not always on an equal basis. We must deliver resilient pillars in which the “middle” is one more pillar with an active role in the Education system and not just the center of attention. Training them of how to be active citizens in a world of constant change.

Creativity and imagination are those healthy pillars to be with. We must educated people (adults and kids) around those concepts maximizing the power of each citizen. There is not time for traditional methods in which we “learn” the method.

People are not educated “to think” but “to follow the rules” and demand changes only for specific situations. Works on activism has historically existed, it is useful for changing but could hardly achieve an in-depth change of the system. Advocacy is the tool for changing radically and boost awareness on the citizenship of the need to be part of the system and not just demand changes for it. We are definitely not educated around this concept even if theoretically democracy supposes this natural empowerment.

Education, information, social media, tech are all elements to put at the service of a new political stage of active citizens that become actors and not producers of the political system. Indeed, the system is totally centralized on the political system and when it fails, the rest collapses. The loss on credibility is one of the feeling that prevent people to feel safe from their areas of work and also for the own feeling of empowerment.

Educating on advocacy…. means a change of values in terms of priorities and the creation of a new innovative system that centralized their action on the citizens and not on the political system, as it is now: axis and engine for a failed model of global world.


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