Creativity: the old mystery that delivers the concept of modern


 Let yourself go!

Letting yourself float in an innovative and creative environment, full of ideas that softly push you to move forward. This powerful feeling of being inside a “silver cloud room” is what we need to face uncertainty; not knowing what happen next but trusting that with creativity we´d find the way towards resilience and… fun. Why not?

We move forward individual and institutionally thanks to a very old skill: creativity.

“The old concepts” are always behind “the modern” in the sense that gives the spirit and strength for becoming innovative. Traditions can change and adapt to new challenges without losing their inner nature and sense of gathering people around common habits and goals within uncertainty. That is the real challenge: overcoming uncertainty in a world of increasing multiple crisis: conflict, humanitarian, migration, climate change, etc. The capacity to change traditional political structures by innovative citizens searching for new leaders and new codes of managing crises, represent a must achieved by Educating people around creativity.

The capacity of resilience is also linked to flexibility and adaptation, like floating…that s the reason why a change on individual attitudes are so paramount to revert global crises.

The capacity of joint action is the ability to float with different cultures and perspectives and gain one direction towards a successful sustainable goal on resilience.

SDG´s challenge exposure the need to work towards common objectives on a flexible basis within personal attitude and organizational structures.

Even if current global and national framework is built for lasting within rigid rules  it has shown an important lack of effectiveness. The more notorious crises come from the two main global institutions: The European Union and United Nations have been created to be real influencers with an impact in the world, not as now, driven the citizenship towards distrust. An urgent reshape is needed and must be tackled through decentralisation and a dismantling of their bureaucratic structures. Centralisation was good at the beginning as a matter to gain strength and power, but once they become “bureaucratic monsters it has loosen effectiveness and capacity to act.

Only creativity could print with light this dark tunnel of weak structures and a lost of confidence and credibility from citizens. An active creativity means people willing to make reforms and make it happen by selecting accountable leaders that transform institutions into open structures that allow citizens to make changes. This failure forces us to re-imagine national structures from innovative approaches that delivers strength and confidence on the people and sever to re-build an effective global framework.

To achieve global change we need to change minds and the Education system is the tool that could contribute to this goal effectively. The main pillar is creativity and the ultimate goal the search to maximize the potential of each individual.

A boost of individual freedom will deliver a “new energy” for floating/handling with crises from the oldest and wiser resource: creativity. Education at the service of Innovation.






*Silver Cloud” by Andy Warhol

Caixa Forum, Madrid, Spain

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