Globalisation doesn’t cancel diversity; painting the world with new colors…


For a new world we need to re-design our future by focusing Education as a tool that boost creativity and innovation. And for being effective we must change our “grey concepts” and enter into a new stage of “colorful ideas”.

Painting with colors the uniformity of a world built in just one: national sovereignties. Indeed, the monotony of a world painting with the color of nationalism and biased political leaders make any attempt of innovation a sort kind of “betrayal” to national patrimony. Unfortunately this is not a matter of perception but of a real shape of a global world in which only one code is imposed to the rest: nationalism. This is the wrong idea of defending national sovereignty, the belief that without being inserted in a global world and being isolated will recover the lost prosperity. Nationalism is a “political nostalgia” that doesn’t help on the road towards building resilience and undermines a project based on joint action and new global approaches. A no risky attitude is the one that drive citizens to old traditions and models of political behavior, making of innovative solutions a “dangerous road”. Is it normal that the “New” makes people feel uncomfortable with a sense of unsafely, in addition to the manipulation from leaders without alternative models that are pushing for a “going back” to the past without measuring the consequences -and, which is worse, without giving accountable proposals-. Brexit is one of many examples of how exacerbated nationalism could destroy the self-confidence of the citizenship and make them take wrong decisions without a clear conviction. (Recent survey exposure that a high average of Brexiters would vote for Remain if there were another referendum)

One of the main principles of globalization is standardization, although it should not suppose a loss of individual creativity but a boost on innovative technology and equal opportunities. Is in this sense that current global model is not “walking” in the correct direction.

If we are not able to make of globalization a solid framework of stability is it just a house of cards in which there is no innovation at political level. It needs to be a engine of power that boosts equality without losing identity. Is it so that personal creative development and Education become pillars for not transforming globalisation into a threat -especially at labor market level-.

Currently we are living in a tech era and the insertion into a renovated public system should be an imperative. A 4th Industrial Revolution is an opportunity to reform traditional State´s structures and really jump into a global model with a results-driven strategy of inclusiveness. Because Good Governance its also a matter of a revolutionary technology able to paint a colorful landscape of diversity.

Integration of all cultures and ideologies is not only part of a global goal but of an urgent need for building resilience without threaten individuality and capacity of development. A homogenous world is not a global world. Therefore, the principle of standardization should not suppose a loss of individual creativity but a boost on innovative technology and equal opportunities. Is in this sense that current global model is not “walking” in the correct direction.

Let´s be inserted into a new world with new colors under a powerful and innovative rainbow of ideas, religion and ideologies. Merged towards a reshaped global model of integration and equality in the “good sense”.





*Caixa Forum, Madrid, Spain

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