The loss of sophistication in political leadership


Nature is the ancestral style that never changes and keeps its elegance even with the passage of time. The same white landscape that stand powerful with the same shape and color. Contemplating nature is the most elegant way for celebrating the unique simplicity of ”magic white” as in this picture.


That is about democracy, a “magic white” that delivers opportunities and rights to all people equally with the same capacity of influence the political spectrum. However, in current times of “marketization” of products and services it seems that politics become another industry and political leaders other product to be sold at the best price.

This is not a real democracy but the preservation of commercial goals that undermines untouchable citizen´s rights that are supposed to be total empowered to build by their own the political structure.

Politics become a new wave of aggressive, irresponsible and no accountable leadership that is driven democracy into a savage stage of anarchy and unreliable machine of agendas with no clear goals on the benefit of the well being of their citizens.

In a democracy that runs by clean, accurate principles of transparency and accountability leaders are focused on people-centred policies and a radical principle of “left no-one behind”. This new trend of constant messages: anti-Muslim, anti- Migrant, anti-global, anti- integration, anti-joint-action, etc. are a cover up of what is an anti-democracy agenda.    

Vision means seeing the light where -and when- nobody sees it. The warmness of wise leaders with holistic approaches and global views, not the fuzzy vision of short-termism views from populist leaders.

 As the picture shown, simplicity delivers harmony that is the main principle that should guide politics. In times of complex crisis we need the simplicity of transparency, accountability and leaders with the capacity to print with colors a “flat” stage of mediocrity and biased interests.

To fight back this complexity that in the end results in less guarantees for the citizenship we must make of politics a tool that empowers citizens not politicians. In the last decades the political system becomes more corrupt and biased precisely for its lack of leaders with simple vision of what means holistic approaches that consolidate a global project. Globalization is an opportunity and another tool for building resilience based on more transparent mechanisms and not for a better “integration” of private interests and top managers.

Let´s be practical, sophistication in politics doesn’t mean a particular talent or training but the capacity to tackle crises from a global and inclusive perspective. We have lost harmony because we don’t demand enough and as citizens we see the political apparatus as a structure above us and out of control. Empowerment does not come only from the feeling from the citizens of its capacity of influence the system but also from a flexible system that easy the methods to make of the citizenship confident in being agents of change.

Sophistication for political leaders on the decision-making process and simplicity for those citizens willing to make a change and influence politics.

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